Aunt’s employees are thinking about changing jobs. 12 percent of them even have an active view. These are about a million people who are trying to secure better working conditions. What is the reason for their dissatisfaction was revealed, among other things, by the current survey of JobsIndex by LMC.

What is the reason why one aunt of current employees is considering a change of job and looking for interesting offers? So pedevmpesvden, their salary does not match the position, it is not they would deserve. Then the fact that she works more, she shouldn’t, but no one appreciates it. For some employees, work has become a routine, but the fact that it is enthusiastic is not a problem. What is a little alarming is that 18 percent of employees have met with a bully and from enthusiasts, or from colleagues, to the analyst of the LMC Tom Ervn Dombrovsk.

Your salary and corporate benefits in the form of flexibility, home office and independence motivate you the most to change your job. The tax is better, a sunny approach to people, better colleagues, better transport accessibility, a better working environment and the career procedure is so important.

Vate si svch lid

In wages, it is still the longest factor that affects the weight of work changes. We asked the respondent how big an invitation would make them leave their current job. And the answer was at least 20 and 30 percent. The active search engine would then cost 10% more, thanks to Tom Dombrovsk.

The JobsIndextak survey looked at how many people changed jobs in the last year. A total of 16% of respondents changed their work once, 1% in the future. People aged 18 and 34 most often thought, at least people aged 55. You are traditionally one of the most loyal employees. Those who changed their work gave the next vote, 63%. Another 13% terminated the agreement with the employer, 14% terminated the contract and 9% received the vote.

They found a new employer on their own or received a tip from him. Not a tenth of the people then received the offer. Labor plays a very minimal role, with one percent of people and staffing agencies helping 2% of applicants.

The people who employ me stick to it, said 71% of the people. Get closer to the conditions you imagine to Tom Dombrovsk. It draws attention to one big problem. The employer is very busy with recruiting activities and tries to find new candidates at a time of minimal unemployment. In many cases, forget about your new employees. The employer thus, to a certain extent, makes his people candidates for other companies, adds Dombrovsk.

Did you encounter ikana at work?

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