The new mandatory should be from the battle in parliament. The new rules on compulsory liability, to which the Czech Republic committed itself in Brussels, were finally approved by the government.

The activity will be sweaty from the first, to Vladimir Pikryl from the Ministry of Finance. To go, you must go through the Chamber of Deputies. But that’s the heck.

In addition to protecting the people and making them comfortable, the amendment has sparked a struggle between the Ministry of Finance and the insurance companies. It is about who and under what conditions will pay the damaged car window.

The insurance company does not like the current practice, where they have to pay to break the windshield, if the victim brings the perpetrator, from his obligatory liability, the code is then paid.

According to the Czech Association of Connected Tomo Skory, codes on windscreens are usually fraudulent and therefore should not affect the price of compulsory insurance. For this reason, they want to completely exclude safety windscreens from the mandatory warranty and install them for special connections.

The Ministry of Finance disagrees with this and then heated. There is not a word about such an exception in the faith approved approval of the proposal. The amendment will go a long way through the parliament, where it is possible to add draft amendments. We have not succeeded yet, but let’s see how it goes in the Chamber of Deputies, to Skora.

Broken glass for your own pension
With the fact that the windshield is broken, fraud, the approval of Jakub Strnad, vice-chairman of the board of esk podnikatelská pojiovny, is often agreed. It is more rational that such codes apply from a special connection. The price of the obligatory ruins would thus be equal, to Strnad.

What would that mean for idiots? On the one hand, there could be a reduction in the obligation to pay, and on the other hand, they would not be able to recover if the glass was damaged, for example, by a trunk from a foreign vehicle. Even if they find out its owner.

In Germany it works similarly. If someone goes there on a bad road just after another car, they have to deal with the fact that something like this is going to happen, and the castle codes them, says Strnad.

According to the requirements of the EU, the amendment is to be paid from the public, and according to the European directive, the link is called five engines, so let me change.

Co se zmn
1. The protection of mobile motorists and the people who cause property damage will increase. The new compulsory liability contracts will provide protection (so-called cover code) in the amount of at least one million euros, ie approximately 28 million crowns. So far, it has been possible to insure at least 18 million crowns.

2. The hunter, who knows the unknown, can now get paid for the code on the property. He must prove that he has also suffered from his health. So far, the insurance companies have only paid him the health code.

3. Confirmation of the conclusion of compulsory liability fully replaces the international proof of insurance, the so-called green card. During a strong police check, it should not have a validity period of less than 14 days.

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