Carlife PMP offers Point Protect – bonded for unruly. The insurance covers the cost of emergency transport for a period of 12 months after reaching 12 criminal points and the destruction of children.

I think she goes, who actually “idik” at least 24 msc and not more than 5 points.

Ron rate ranges from 2,499 to 9,999 K (depending on the sweat point and in the insurance benefit). The insurance expires when you take the so-called transfer for 4 or more points.

+ Pojitn appreciates professional people, managers and sales representatives, who are often more likely to check the police.

+ Kryje i pomrn zvan pestupky za 3 body.

+ Kadoron can be extended regardless of the number of collected points during the connection.

– The insurance contract includes several significant exceptions (eg it does not cover transport costs incurred during a stay abroad for more than 30 days).

– Pedat ivnost profesionlnho idie po dobu zkazu dit nhradnmu idii je sloit au nkterch profes s licenc i nemon.

The question is whether it is moral for two wealthy people to dream of the effects of taking a ID card.

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