Mandatory remedies should undergo major changes from mid-June. Behind them is the European directive, which is called five motors in the connecting shell. Insurance companies will have to pay three codes from the basic insurance policies.

It will bring in the protection of the people, in the comfort of going and mon so you the prices of insurance. It will fly to the horse in the form in which it will be reflected in the domestic account.

According to information from MF DNES, which was confirmed on Friday by the chairman of the Legislative Council of the Government Cyril Svoboda, the Ministry of Finance, with the maximum increase in the price of mandatory redemption by five percent. Representatives associated with the exact slm do not want to express themselves. It is possible that competition from outside the price will not let.

Vera, although the legislative council of the government swept the amendment to the bill on compulsory liability from the table, but only due to formal shortcomings. These should be repaired within a few weeks. It is necessary to hurry, because according to EU requirements, the directive must apply from 11 June.

Be careful, it is not always possible to go to a cheaper one

You limits, protection against desperation

The main change against the current situation will be the limit of insurance benefits for all codes. In other words, the protection of the people who increase their carelessness will cause the accident and other forms of property damage.

Today, the insurance must be at least eighteen million crowns, the new cover will rise to five million. It should be emphasized that only the minimum limits change. In the offer of binders, there are expensive variants of compulsory insurance, which cover up to one hundred million crowns.

We propose to force this to be done gradually, by June 2012, to Vladimir Pikryl from the Ministry of Finance. This directive allows for a long way out and a five-year transition period.

From this summer, the contract is likely to meet the conditions required by the EU. Let the star fuses catch up unchanged.

The second major change, which honors all people, is the abolition of the existing proof of compulsory liability. It will be fully replaced by a so-called green card, which will cost the police during the inspection. It must be valid, of course.

The people who have harmed the unknown go to their retirement. Today, get compensation only for the health code. Newly, the garann ​​fund should also pay them the property code if they have also suffered an external health code. According to him, there is a new approach to bonding glass. It could be an integral part of compulsory liability.

Co se zmn

The minimum limits of insurance benefits for foreign codes will increase from 18 to 35 million crowns. The hunter, who knows the unknown, can now get paid for the code on the property. Confirmation of insurance liability fully replaces the international proof of insurance so-called green card.

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