Did the big shop go before the road to me? It’s not you. The prices of staple foods have not risen sharply in Croatia, so buy the marten a shelf cheaper than last year. But you can take a break at the nvtv restaurant.

One marten was a hundred linden trees. This is not a sales window, but a detailed explanation, it can be paid in Croatia. Buy one kuna from 3,535 crowns, the best exchange rate is 3.7 crowns (give on June 4, 2018). You can easily pay for the city in euros without any problems, but the exchange rate in the shops for the customer is not fully suitable.

Prices of ordinary goods do not differ at all when switching from domestic ones. A stay in Croatia will not cost much more, not when you go to the New Year’s ndrm. Of course, you have to keep in mind that the prices in resorts are a bit higher than in supermarkets in big cities. But don’t buy a Tatra in the Czech Republic for the same price in Lidl as at the Mchi stand.

According to the experience of the editor of Auto Dnes, Roman Vidrnoch, who completed his journey to the Croatian sea by car in the arrest of June, there are quite a lot of food in the restaurant. Bolognese pagets will cost 60 kunas (222 crowns) in a bistro bistro, pay 80 and 90 kunas (296 and 333 crowns) for a mass SMS in a restaurant, and peen fish will cost 130 kuna or more (from 481 crowns).

By card, even done?

The question that regularly suffers from tickets is whether to exchange Croatian pensions in the Czech Republic or rely on a credit card. Let’s calm down vs, it doesn’t matter.
Merchants take the card, with an ATM it is even a bit denser in R. The bank makes the benefits of the card more expensive: it is safe, so if you do not switch the PIN on it from behind and do not remove it from your hand and under your supervision when paying in the restaurant. In practice, it turned out that when you can go before the departure of the marten at a suitable rate, you can save a little compared to card payments. The individual banks differ, and what is the most suitable exchange rate for cash exchange, this type does not reach even at the exchange rate, which is used first when paying by card.

For example, on June 4, Creditas exchanged a kuna for 3,535 crowns for clients who have one. While Komern banka used the exchange rate of CZK 3,578 when paying by card. With a route of 100 kuna, it is a dispute of 4.3 crowns, which is negligible, but it proves that payment by card may not be the most suitable.
Kuny v esku smnte v sedmi bankch uspete v esk spoiteln, Creditas, Komern bance, Moneta Money Bank, Raiffeisenbank, Sberbank, UniCredit Bank.

If you have the city of the bank in the direction, it is better to call in advance if they have the kuna, or to book it. We have successfully succeeded in all the addressed changes, but the situation is known to change during the seasons.

Take thin

In Croatia, as with our EET, unlike esk, you have an obligation here as a customer, and you have to take it thin and have to go with it when you leave the store. Failure to do so may result in a fine. It’s not big, but it’s a threat. According to the law, I can be fined from 200 to 2,000 kunas (740 7,400 crowns).

In restaurants, it is possible to tip about 10%. Tip with two staff in the hotel, a tourist guide and a taxi. When you pay by card or withdraw from an ATM in Croatia, you can get to vbr whether you want to record the transaction in korunch (the abbreviation used is DCC). Don’t approach it. Although you would see at the terminal how many crowns you will disappear from here, the exchange rate would not be suitable for everything.

The market is cheaper

If you have not booked a trip with full board and you want to go to the city, you do not have to take from you home from the dishes of cooked food, pasta and compote. Choose Konzum, Lidl, Tommy and Kaufland in the supermarket without any problems in the supermarket. Prices in them are comparable to domestic.

For vegetables, fruits and fish, be sure to go to the markets. It’s not just about the price, but also the point. You can try a contract with which you would not succeed in the shopping center. When you go shopping for dinner, the price will go to good merchants at that time with your goods sale.

And you will choose the crumbs that you will take home to your loved ones, you will probably try not to bring only a bunch of dust traps, which are of course full of souvenir plates. It pays to pour on a lace, silk ties, pottery, perks of wood olive, .. And, of course, lavender in all its forms, koen, vno, diaper made of grapes, maraskino liqueur, ribbons and rods. Cheap, with the help of a nice drink, the mosquito is flavored with herbs and they have it in a package.

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