If you are buying a holiday at a travel agency, employees will probably also offer you travel insurance for a fee. Take an interest in what you will be connected to and how it is fully implemented. In most cases, it is only a basic connection, so sometimes it is better to close your fuse selected on the measure.

Two, before you decide to pay travel insurance, compare the offer of more insurance. For example, at www.top-pojisteni.cz, after filling in the formula, you will see what they have prepared for each individual insurance company.

Where to insure and when at the latest
You can go to the branch in person, insure yourself online via the Internet and by telephone, at Generali pojiovny and via SMS. For the majority of the connected, you can enter into a contract the day before departure, for yourself and on the day of departure at the branch or on the Internet. But be careful, you are insured and after you pay, that is, if you do not have pm banking and you will pay by bank transfer, then ask for a few days.

Who will insure me and what will I need
In general, you don’t have to insure yourself, the kind of person can do it for you. If you conclude a contract via the Internet, it is enough to fill in the names, birth names and addresses of all the connected. After all, they will want to be connected in branches at a personal meeting. If you use the last minute connection to fly, you will pass a valid passport. If you want to insure the cancellation of the trip, you must do so on the day you pay for the trip.

What to do abroad
When concluding a contract, in addition to the contract, you will also receive a card of the assistance service, to which all are connected by telephone. To be sure, drink somewhere else and keep it. The system of the contract is thus a condition that decides to pay to study carefully. According to you will receive a Review of your doctor, a form that you will give a doctor to fill out.

Mte first znt veker details

When you become ill, contact an assistance service. Some of them can be called to the number of the called party and the conversation can be limited to the necessary time and the service staff can then call you back. They are available 24 hours a day, speaking and recommending and arranging a visit to a medical facility, arranging transportation to the hospital or home. If you pay, for example, for drugs in cash, keep all of them, the insurance company will then pay them. After returning from the holiday (within 30 days), fill in the notification code if the insurance company pays its form, which can also be downloaded from the website, to the original receipt.

How to learn
Vtina pojioven offers discounts for children. He gave a dispute, ten, but also more percent, find out that you conclude the contract over the Internet. Anyone who has a compulsory guarantee of property insurance at Kooperativa will receive travel insurance with a 75% discount. At Allianz, when insuring more people per contract, the price is reduced by a minimum insurance premium.

Check with your health insurance company if there are any benefits for them when concluding travel insurance. For example, the Health Insurance Company of the Ministry of the Interior offers a discount for families, especially for blood workers and a 10% discount at Generali, the branch health insurance company provides children and billions free of charge, clients of the Czech Health Insurance Company have a 10 percent discount at Kooperativa. The Military Medical Insurance Company and the Revrn fraternal treasury are suitable for their policyholders.

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