Public spaces are open to all, we all have access to them. But there are situations when you have to report their use and pay something. For example, when you want to put a garden in front of the pub or put a container and a lee on the sidewalk. How to proceed is explained by lawyer Ondej Preuss, founder of the available website available.

Public spaces are, according to the law, all cities, streets, trit, sidewalks, public greenery, parks and other spaces accessible to cadmium without any restrictions, regardless of their ownership. You need to park in front of the department store is a public space, but privately owned.

The fee to the municipality must be paid even if we handle the church in a public space in private ownership. In such a case, we must go to make an agreement with the owner, you and even a soft contract, which means I gave the expenses.

How much does it cost?

The municipality may set a fee for outdoor public spaces, such as excavation work, local shops and other buildings, restaurants, containers, lazy or other building facilities, billboards, circuses, amusement parks and other attractions, reserved parking spaces, cultural events, sports, sports , commercials or for filming purposes. In the case of charitable and public benefit events, the fee is not paid to the municipality.

It is therefore necessary to find out how the conditions in a given municipality are generally binding. From this, find out the specific cities subject to the obligation to pay the fee, how much it is and how you can occupy the public space. Of course, it is necessary to respect when someone issued a church of the same city before you.

What is not charged

The local fee cannot be conditional, for example, on public roads for a final demonstration and demonstration, although it is definitely not ordinary public roads. Thus, for indoor forest or agricultural land, the fee is also excluded. These lands are covered by another con.

It is therefore always necessary to pay attention to local law. If we want to place a warehouse in front of our restaurant in Prague, we have to find out whether the city in the area allows it. It can also be limited in terms or periods.

Then it is necessary to make a report when you fill in the form and send it then or electronically to the city series. This must be done in a specific time, in Prague at least seven days before the placement of the front garden.

For a front desk outside the trit, the restaurant pays 100 crowns per square meter for each day started. If you are repairing an apartment or house and build a container on the street, the fee is set at 10 crowns per square meter per day. If the church does not find or do not pay your fee, I can reimburse it in triplicate, plus a fine and a million crowns.

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