Personal problems are often washed into work performance. You don’t have to think about them and sometimes you almost can’t concentrate on work. Therefore, some companies hire psychologists for their employees.

The new service with the English name Employee Assistance is then available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Costs castle company pauln.

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While the Employee Assistance program is a novelty of our year, many companies have many years of experience abroad. In Czech, it is used, for example, by the pharmaceutical company Sanofi-aventis.

“We launched the program in April this year – its unfortunately caused two tragic events that happened in the company during last year,” said HR Director Erika Vorlov. “Of course, we provided the necessary help and support to the employees concerned and their families at the time, but if we used the consultation service at that time, it would be much easier. And one of these events would make it possible to teach, ”adds.

According to the personnel manager Pavla Balcarov, the employees themselves at Rexam Beverage Can, which produces beverage cans, expressed their interest in the services of a corporate psychologist.

Procter & Gamble offers this program to employees worldwide, and from January this year it is going to introduce it in the Czech Republic as well. “In addition to the services of a psychologist, we perform the provision of financial advice and the first area that helps people in situations such as the sale and purchase of a house or apartment, the use of mortgages, loans, insurance and the like. However, it will only be a non-binding consultation, not the services of a lawyer, ”explains Ivan Krej from the Czech branch of Procter & Gamble.

How the service works

The information that a psychologist receives is completely irrelevant. The employer does not know the details from a private employee. Only once in a year will he get an evaluation of the overall usage of the service and a general description of what the employee was suffering from. If there is a possibility of some problems for the future, experts will suggest appropriate preventive measures.

The company pays a flat fee for each registered hunter (ie either for each employee, or only for their selected groups), which varies in the amount of ten crowns – the employee is, so the price of the fee for an individual decreases. The consideration for this contact is for every participant of the card, on the basis of which it is possible to apply for professional psychological help at any time, either by phone or in writing by e-mail.

If necessary, I can arrange a personal meeting with the psychologist. If the problem that the employee is currently, complex and requires the involvement of other professionals – such as the elementary, medical and financial experts – it is possible to mediate their services.

“Even though it is a benefit mainly for employees, the benefit of the program is clearly included in the employer,” said consultant Hana Jelnkov from Assessment Systems, which has been providing the Employee Assistance program since last year.

According to our people, people who encounter some personal problems often concentrate, which is logically reflected in their work performance. Even though they are physically present at work, they still return to their problems in their thoughts and do not think one hundred percent about what they are doing next. In addition, inattention increases the risk of incapacity for work once and for all.

Personal problems reduce work performance. This is the main reason why it pays for companies not to seek psychological service for employees.

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