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Pr we will pay her tax, but again they will take the tax together. That u neuetme? Many similar questions have come to the editorial office since we started reforming. So how is it?

Daov reform was in fact seemingly manel ru, but in the last year you can drive it out. Later there will be no apparent need – there will not be several tax dogs, it would not bring a bottom effect.

1. Lska nesta, muste bt manel

The first condition for the possibility of a common tax is marriage. At the same time, it does not matter at all that you closed the lock on December 31, 2007. In addition, it is up to you to run a common household. But you don’t have to both live the same.

Tip: You can’t tax together when you divorced during 2007. And even when the marriage lasted until 31 December 2007 and the beginning of this year, but to go before the tax bill ended in divorce. If you have set the end of the divorce wall on April 1 and you have time to file a tax return by the end of the ordinary, you can go together.

2. The condition is dt
You have to live with you in the household. He is also a student under 26 years of age. In order to meet the conditions, it is not important whether the child was born to you at the end of 2007, or reached the age of majority, and stopped studying, for example, in June.

Tip: Together you can go out, even if your child is studying and the dog lived in the dormitory for a week.

3. Pay off where there is a difference in income

On the common tax, they issue mainly families with children, in which one of the spouses has a high income and the type is low or the best. The calculation of taxes for the year 2007 is more accommodating, when the tax is two wages, not when it is possible to sweat from one originally high income. If you are not sure whether you are together, compare your income according to the table, or use the calculator on page E2.

Tip: Take a look at this time so that you do not lose your income on taxes so much that you will lose your child’s allowance.

4. Duties and pensions are not taxed

Employees and entrepreneurs secretly pay income tax in 2007. But what about the form filled in, which only has a parental contribution? Simply leave the “I accept” box blank, because all two of the social support, including the parental contribution, is not possible.

You will not pay the tax even in the event of sickness, scholarships, invalidity and old-age pensions, helplessness pensions, social security services and contributions, pension contributions and building savings. Likewise, alimony to children is not taxable income.

Tip: When one of the spouses does not own an income of more than 38,040 crowns per year, the other person can claim a one-year tax rebate of 4,200 crowns.

5. You must submit the letter within one deadline

Don’t forget that you will need two formulas with Area 5. You have to fill in each of yours, even if one of the households is also employed at home, otherwise the tax return would not fail at all.

First, collect the documents you will need to fill in the window or you will add them to the formula. You can not do without the confirmation of income in both, which you will receive from the employer. If your dt star is not 18 years old, you will need a certificate of study.

Also prepare the documents they sent you from banks and insurance, if you have life insurance, supplementary pension or pay for years from housing to housing. You can get the form on the financial ad, you can also find it on the Internet, for example on the website

And where then do you have to deliver the completed tax return?
For financial purposes, according to the city of permanent residence, no later than 31 March 2008. If one of the spouses has resided permanently, the fraud is “given” to one’s financial series. You can find a list of them at

Tip: If the tax advisor is responsible for all, the deadline when you have to deliver the application form will be postponed to June 30. When both appear together, you must submit your certificate at the same time, either on a regular basis or in June – but you do not need to have both at the same time, on the same day and at the same time.

Download daov formulas HERE

Download daov formulas HERE
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