Relationships at work significantly affect our satisfaction and thus work performance. ada manaer is not aware of this and personally pushes the questions aside. Consultant Michal Musil from the GrowJOB Institute therefore advises you on what to do so that you can build a positive and friendly atmosphere in the company.

fm nepochvl. I work in and no one will notice. J makm and the others flicker. I didn’t fall into the dark, bully my colleagues. The first such negative feelings and many others were mentioned by employees in a recent survey by LMC. We have relationships at work almost as often as family relationships. And these are relationships that we are willing to change our jobs.

Jeneada manager takes the time with operational issues and a personal page to the background. Building a relationship for n or a priority. In the same way as investing in the possession of tangible assets (for example, machines, real estate), it is necessary to cultivate social capital in the organization, ie relationships and corporate culture.

1. I understand people

Take an interest in getting ct in the dark. Ask what people are suffering from. Laugh at the fact that sometimes it is in your power to solve their problems and other times not. Vtina lid bag in zjem, if it is upmn, appreciate. Do you know the names of your partner and your colleagues? Do you know their horseshoes? Even that from vs udl good fa.

2. Nebute virtuln leader

Relationships do not create via email, skype or phone. Nebute virtuln leader. Keep the door open to the office. Have regular windows where you can have anything with you. Appear between people and physically. Realize that building a relationship is like strengthening a muscle. Regularity is important. It is similar with relationships in the organization, it is not possible to build by going to teambuilding once a year. Effective leadership is the accumulation of small and regular activities, resources, support and assistance.

3. Upmn feedback

The quality of the relationship is enhanced by authentic and honest feedback, and often unpleasant. It’s like going to an ice pool after a sauna. First we come out of the comfortable sound, after a while we read the lion. It’s the same with feedback, whose goal is not criticism. Its purpose is development. If you’re having trouble blaming your employees for everything they can, try Kim Scott’s Radical Openness.

4. Tmov flow-lstek

It turns out that human optimism is lingering and increasing. One way is to note the recording of positive life moments recorded by the flow rate. Similarly, positivity in the dark can be affected. Organizations are recommended to create a channel (for example, a group on FB, Whatsapp) and a city (from, an employee), where members will share positive events. What is that bt? Positive references from the client, client stories, funny stories, completed projects. All these stimuli, so-called, lead to a positive wash.

5. Transparency

Practice shows that people do not want to decide what to do, but they have transparent information. For example, at Google, openness is one of the core values ​​of the company’s approach. Employees shared the documents of the most important points and ideas from the meeting and have the opportunity to ask once a week about anything about the functioning of the company.

In the Zappos organization, which is known for its unique corporate culture, apply the so-called All Hands Meeting. It is an event where all employees meet and summarize the company’s chances, create a space for employees to present their own ideas and share the best examples between the darkness. Try something similar to vs.

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