You can get more and more a million crowns from the building society without any guarantees. Thus, in contrast to mortgages, the mortgage of real estate is not always necessary, even at the exit. Instead, it is possible to take, for example, a mortgage first to a financial claim or guarantor.

The mortgage must always be a mortgage on the property. In the case of a building society, such a strict rule is not laid down. Stavebn spoitelny therefore also offers clients other options. An overview of the specific requirements of individual savings banks is given in the following text.

As it is interesting to compare how the building societies on their websites get the obtained and insufficient information, the following information on the conditions for the future can be obtained exclusively from their website. While some people are interested in finding essentials, elsewhere they only get general information and a look at a few small examples.

eskomoravsk stavebn spoitelna

From the point of view of the requirements for secured securities, MSS is the best of all building societies. Clients who meet the conditions for the allocation of a person’s fee and submit a “day” from the building savings can draw without any deposit and a million crowns. The mortgage of the property is a building and for over 700 thousand crowns. Unlike the mortgage, a client who, for whatever reason, does not want to take the property into a mortgage, can provide me with such a high degree in an alternative way. For the benefit of the savings bank, it is possible to stop, for example, the financial deposit deposited in the bank, such as a term deposit, another building society and a deposit book.

When setting specific requirements for ensuring the return of all clients, MSS has up to three risk groups, the criterion being in the value range. First of all, there were risks of the group, in the stated “day” of the vry and then the infernal vry provided to the contract with its high value. On the other hand, clients who have only recently negotiated a building partnership agreement or have not saved much of it (in relation to the target) will fall into the group’s three risks. There are many requirements for security, without security you can get only one hundred thousand crowns.

eskomoravsk stavebn spoitelna – Conditions for securing “dnch” vr from building savings and hell
The method of securing“Dn” vry from a building spoen and some hell. vryPeklenovac vry
Group I – low riskII. group – savings riskIII. group – you risk
Unsecured contacts (K)Unsecured contacts (K)Unsecured contacts (K)
Bez zajitndo 500 000do 100 000
1 guarantor, mortgage first for a financial receivable or for real estatedo 600 000do 200 000
2 guarantor, mortgage first for a financial receivable or for real estatedo 700 000do 300 000
mortgage on the receivable or real estateover 700,000over 300,000

Source: MSS website
Note: financial receivable = mortgage first to the financial receivable in the selected cash balance (eg term deposit, deposit on another building society, deposit book); MSS differentiates vry into t risk groups according to the achieved value of the salt; nezajitn stka = in the “bottom” of the heat or in hell. vr difference between in provided hell. vru and the balance on the deposit here

Raiffeisen stavebn spoitelna

It offers six hellish names with names like Vzvný dvra, Dobr znam or Nzk hypospltka. The following table lists three of them, where it is a representative of other “categories” of hell. Spektrum, a classic hell-making plant with at least a ten percent down payment, which is relatively low at a relatively high annual rate (and 6.9%) in the case of a low value, is suitable for the reconstruction. Only a hundred hundred thousand crowns can be obtained without security.

On the contrary, the Low Hypospltka is an example of the building by which building societies try to compete with mortgages. The required deposit can be zero and the payment can be spread over a long period of time, the payment can be achieved. years the rate is much lower, currently 4.6%. vr is intended for a large investment and mortgages, together with the fact that the mortgage is first used for real estate.

Raiffeisen spoitelna according to the offer of a favorable “loyalty” vra, one of which is listed in the table in the without It can be used by existing clients who have concluded a building savings contract with an estimated allocation of up to 15 months. The annual rate is 3.4%, the castle is not paid for the conclusion of the contract and the requirements for security are the same as for the “day” of the contract. Without a guarantee, the savings bank also receives three hundred thousand crowns, and you do not have real estate left for up to half a million.

Raiffeisen stavebn spoitelna – Conditions for securing some selected incl
The method of securing“Dn” vr ze stavebni spoenPeklenovac vry
Without eknspectrumNzk hypospltka
Unsecured contacts (K)
bez zajitndo 300 000do 300 000do 100 000mortgage on real estate, receivables, bankruptcy or their combination
1 rutdo 400 000do 400 000do 200 000
2 ruiteldo 500 000do 500 000do 300 000
property build-upover 500,000over 500,000over 300,000

Source: Raiffeisen building society website
Note: Raiffeisen spořitelna provides more types of infernal vr, here are only those selected; nezajitn stka = in the “bottom” of the heat or in hell. vr difference between in provided hell. vru and the balance on the deposit here

HYPO stavebn spoitelna

As in both cases, the client is more satisfied with the conditions for the assignment of a “long” term, thus the appropriate conditions in terms of security. HYPO spoitelna even distinguishes its clients into so-called “znm” and “neznm”. For “known” people who have shown that they are able to save easily and without problems, the conditions are suitable in terms of security. Both groups of client bags can draw without mortgaging the property and pl million crowns. For her, there is a guarantor. The table shows the rules only for “dn” vry.

HYPO stavebn spoitelna – Conditions for ensuring “dnch” vr from building savings
The method of securingAnd vru (N)
I know the clientNeznm customer
bez zajitndo 150 000do 100 000
1 rutdo 300 000do 150 000
2 ruiteldo 500 000do 500 000
building first for real estate + P + PNover 500,000over 500,000

Source: HYPO stavebn spoitelny website
Note: P = life insurance, PN = insurance mortgaged property; HYPO spoitelna distinguishes clients into “known” and “unknown” when assessing creditworthiness and stipulating a condition for collateral. savings bank set conditions

Stavebn spoitelna esk spoitelny

SS S assesses the amounts that I can provide without collateral or only with guarantors, according to the level of commitment to the client. It is not only the locks provided by the building society itself, but also all other locks provided to it in the framework of Finann group S. with sufficient realizable value or cash.

Stavebn spoitelna esk spoitelny – Rules for minimum security for individuals

The method of securingmax. uninteresting commitment to the client for SS S (K)max. uninteresting commitment to the client for FS S (K)
without ruiteledo 300 000do 600 000
1 rutdo 400 000

Source: SS S
Note: FS S = Finann group esk spoitelny; Unsecured engagement is an engagement that does not secure cash or real estate. It represents a sum of uninteresting commitment for all requests and provided by vry, where the client acts as a long-term or co-long-term.

Blue pyramid building savings bank

At the Blue Pyramid, the client chooses the method of security, from which the specific year of the rate is derived. The quality is better, the lower the rate. Peklenovac vry called Hypovr and Hypovr 100, which are similar in construction to mortgages, but must always be a secured first-aid property. Here, too, the client has the option of using an alternative method, ie, for example, a lien first on a bank deposit, bank account or a combination of all the above methods.

Hypovr is again intended for investments, such as the purchase and construction of real estate, in comparison with standard hellish vry, the year is a favorable rate (from 3.99%). The potency of the down payment can be zero, the maturity and for 25 years it ensures no installments. The Hypovr 100 variant allows you to draw on a hundred percent of the property price, for years the rate is here (4.99%).

Modr pyramida stavebn spoitelna – Program BYDLENI – in the years of hellish rates depending on the method used

The method of securing

In the down payment peklenovacho vru
0 35 % Cof 35% C
Bez zajitn6,80 %6,50 %
Ruitel ()6,40 %6,10 %
Mortgage first for real estate, deposit, bankruptcyC do 299 000 K5,10 %4,70 %
C of 300,000 K4,29 %3,99 %
Hypovr  100 4,99 %4,99 %

Source: MPSS website
Note: MPSS distinguishes between two basic types of types according to their use, next to the HOUSING Program, which is in the table, it is the RECONSTRUCTION Program; C = customs duty

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