And this year the elephant will come to pay the property tax, most of them you will find a double stall on them not last year. Me vak bt a devtinsobn. This follows from an exclusive survey conducted by MF DNES in all district and some other cities.

The largest outside people in Olomouc, on the other hand, are noticeably decreasing in Teplice and Prachatice. The tax is due to a moderate change in the basic rate per square meter, which for family houses and apartments has risen from one crown to two. Although municipalities have the ability to influence tax payments, most of them have not responded to the outside.

Vlda zvila, obce jet pidaly

Some cities have more of a problem. Last year, she raised her own city coefficients to get her pensions into her budgets. Following the changes in the general decree, the deputy had to quickly cancel or change in the autumn, otherwise the inhabitants of the city would pay a multiple tax this year compared to 2009.

I didn’t look at you in Rychnov nad Knnou, ernoice and ternberk. The dog managed to drive outside with its own coefficients, it is also possible to raise it by a factor of time.

they were the most radical in Olomouc. In the center, the increase increased more than threefold, on the outskirts of the city even almost ninefold. While the owner of a ground-floor family house with 120 square meters in Olomouc-Drodn last year paid you 192 crowns, this year it will be 1,680 crowns. The change could be jet vt. According to the decree, which Olomouc eventually canceled, it would come out from the outside and tinctinsobek.

Municipal councils against health

Some villages treated people more sparingly. They reacted to the outside with their true coefficients so as to reduce or cancel the outside. For example, in Liberec, Jihlava and Strakonice, the same amount as last year, only slightly increases in Kadan, Havov or Ekm Krumlov. Vjimen even dreamed of ten percent in Hradec Krlov, in Teplice and Prachatice about aunt.

Even the representative of Hradec Krlov is not such a philanthropist. Due to the high city coefficient, the city center will fall below one of the highest taxes in the country even after this year. Pay 1,080 crowns for an apartment with 75 square meters. Vc u salaries only in Olomouc, Opav and st nad Labem, most of all in Pardubice and Karlovy Vary.

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