Manel wants to reconstruct the dm and give about 1,300,000 CZK. After inspecting the property by an appraiser, it is known that the current value of the property is 1,550,000 CZK. Because the current value of the house is not in the mortgage, the husband will get the whole amount.

Petr (26 years old) and Michaela (23 years old) also in a small town in northern Bohemia. For the third year in a row, Petr has a coffin in his barn. Michaela works for the first year as a primary school teacher. Manel also lived in the family house that Petr inherited. The house was rebuilt into its original form around 1950 and no one has taken care of it since. A year ago, only a complete replacement of the heating was carried out, which was financed by Manel from a building society.

Losk vmna topen manele convinced that it would be best to do the rest of the construction rights at once. According to the budget, the expected reconstruction for the reconstruction should not exceed 1,000,000 K and the manager does not want to spend more than 6,000 crowns per month on the installment of the required heat. They are afraid that they would not have enough money for you to start a family.

Petr has two consumer consumers in business, who cannot be repaid in the long run and whom he would rarely get rid of. Another necessity for the husband is the construction of a new car, because at the same time it expires and the repair costs are high. Manel has the idea of ​​selling a car for about 200,000 crowns.

Petrv msn receives an income and expenses of 15,000 crowns and Michaela as a teacher has earned 15,500 crowns. The cost of the household is 8000 K and gave 4500 K we have to cover for energy deposits. In return, I will spend CZK 1,125 msn. He gave about 3,000 CZK for petrol, the car service costs about 3,000 CZK.

Petr has his phone at the company’s expense and Michaela calls piblin 500, -K. Both manles have a building joint, where each one is CZK 1,700 msn. Petr has one consumer card in the amount of 45,000 CZK and one credit card with a limit of 15,000 CZK. vr has a minimum payment of 1,800 CZK and a card of 10% of the length of the maximum, ie 1,500 CZK.

I prefer a car with a late car
Buying a car would probably be more likely to pay for the next year, but its installments would have to be included in the creditworthiness of the mortgage, and this could worsen the terms of the mortgage (for the annual rate, which means you will pay less). It is therefore advisable to postpone the car and after the mortgage and the end of the mortgage is exhausted, because we will use the possibilities of the bank, which will allow us to prove the use of funds only from 80% in mortgages. The remaining 20% ​​will be used to buy a car and refinance consumer and credit cards. Thus, the manela should be secured in case of illness and once, so that they do not get into trouble due to non-fulfillment of the mortgage.

The price of the property is not without problems
After inspecting the property by an appraiser, it is known that the current value of the property is 1,550,000 CZK, and after the reconstruction, the value of the house will be 2,150,000 CZK. Because the house is very “washed out”, the value after reconstruction will be less than the sum of the original price and in reconstruction. Obasely this happens, always badly on how the bank’s appraiser valued the property.

In the bank, there is enough of 1,300,000 CZK under the balance, of which 260,000 CZK is needed to buy a car and repay consumer loans, incl.

Because the current value of the house is not in the mortgage, the husband will receive the entire amount and will have two years to prove the credit. Until the accumulated invoices for 80% of the year, only years of use will be valid and an annuity payment will be paid.

As a novelty, the bank is able to temporarily repay the debit at any time without penalty (it is usually possible to pay back without penalty and after the end of the fixation) and badly only on the part of whether to use this option.

What do you want to know a mortgage?
Before the new appraiser, it is necessary to submit a copy of the cadastral map, title deed (generally must not be older than 3 months) and pay a fee of CZK 150 to the cadastral office. (list of current construction rights and their prices). The estimate is ready by the week and the fee is CZK 4,800.

Pjmy dokldat nemuste

They bring the real estate appraisal to the manel bank and fill in the credit report together with the income certificate in the case of Michaela, and Petrov’s description of the tax return with the stamp of the financial series. It should be approved within a week and after signing the loan agreements and the proposal for the deposit for the mortgage of the real estate to the filing office of the cadastral office and the confirmed formula delivered back to the bank, the pension manager should have it within three days.

Hedging against risks is reasonable
None of the mannaes yet felt the need to insure themselves against the fall of the disease even once. That should change. It is first necessary to carry out a congestion in case of death. In the meantime, there is no need to keep the mane high (no one depends on their income), so it is only necessary to keep the faith, each in half, because their income is about the same high.

To ensure this, it is appropriate to link the risk of life insurance with a year-round insurance premium (in the insurance cover will decrease approximately every year as well as the length of the debt in the bank). This contract will be valid for the entire period of the warranty, but the husband will pay for it only half of the insurance period. For collateral for the entire faith, the bank will receive a discount of 0.1% of the rate year. The insurance for both manles costs approx. 320 K msn.

As another, we suggest using a good manel in case of a single attack. Michaela is in the first risk groups and Petr in the second (the insurance company according to the permissible degree of risk at once). This means that Peter will have a strong connection once again. It is possible to offer an offer of one pension fund, which can be used for its participants on favorable terms.

Both managers will therefore pay insurance for the first risk group in the amount of 236, – K msn and will cover the following risks:

  • death in the amount of 600,000 CZK (this amount will be used to eventually secure a partner, because the risk insurance covers only the mortgage)
  • lasted consequences with a progressive filling of 600,000 CZK, ie at 100% disability lasted multiple times this
  • for the case of small once a day compensation in the amount of 300, -K, if the period is only longer than 8 days and in the case of hospitalization as a result of another 300, -K / day

So we have to pay at least a lot to the pension fund for each of the managers, ie. 100, -K msn.

In order to meet the limit for msn installment, it is necessary to submit a vr with a 1-year fixation and an annual rate of 4.54% (there are less rates on the market, but they are subsidized) with an msn installment of 6,600 msn. To do this, it is necessary to have a direct insurance of 320, – K for insurance risks and 150, – K for keeping the balance here.

So we must not forget about the bonded real estate, which will be registered in favor of the bank and will cost 2,500 CZK. The installment is you, not the husband wanted, but the costs changed due to the refinancing of consumer loans by 2,300 CZK. Due to the growing annual rates, it would be more appropriate to fix for a period of time, but this would mean a one-year rate and a higher installment.

A note at the end

  • Here is not a single mon, we could find and give monos.
  • In the example, specific products from selected financial institutions are used, but there are other alternative product types on the market.

Hints and tips

  • You know how high the msn installment you can handle
  • No longer paid for a long time, but pay more in years
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