Compared to the early selection of disputes from the old pension connection, the advance is significantly more flexible. Its use does not in any way reduce your old-age pension, nor does it include the obligation to tax any contributions from the employer.

Advance from a supplementary pension scheme (DPS) can be used by people five years before reaching the age for a retirement pension. The condition is that he must use it for at least two years.

The advance in the framework of a supplementary pension scheme is also in the dark. Pensions from it can be used in case of loss of employment or in case of inability to work from health grounds even several years before the actual retirement, confirms the financial advisor of the Partners group David Kuera.

According to him, the first advance is the most appropriate way to avoid shortening the old-age pension due to the use of early retirement.

Pre-arrival is required until the exclusion of the time, which does not affect the exchange base for the calculation of the old-age pension, including the fact that its use does not even tax 15 percent of the tax contributions from the employers of the participating PCBs.

Another advantage is that for the whole time and a five-year advance salary for its recipient health insurance stt. Advance according to the inaccessible conclusion of an employment contract, business or operational activity. And its use does not preclude the provision of sickness benefits and state unemployment benefits.

Guarantee of at least 30% of the average wage

But even the advance is light. The first is that it cannot be selected once. This would violate the conditions of the financially advantageous product, namely the supplementary pension savings. People can draw it only through a regular monthly rent, with a minimum threshold.

My advance payment must be at least 30 percent of the average salary for the first and third quarters of the previous year, explains David Kuera.

And there may be other complications, for example, if the total amount of the supplementary pension scheme does not reach the necessary level. The advance for two years must be 249 199 K this year, the ptiletho 622 998 crowns. Who is not, I have a pity, although not quite. Those interested in pre-retirement can go to the pension and make an extraordinary deposit before the sub-scheme themselves and thus match the required amount.

Pension pipojitn peddchod leaks

The main unsuitable advance is that it is not eligible for those who can stand in the transformed funds of the old pension savings bank. And there are overwhelming winds in the Czech Republic. There is also one for them, and this transfers the combined funds from the pension to the new supplementary savings, which is only possible with the pension company.

The transfer is limited to two months’ notice by a long-term deadline, which can be delivered in advance and enough about the transfer, according to the financial advisor.

It takes me a maximum of one month to transfer the pension to the supplementary spoen. Deadlines apply to individual pension companies.

The transition takes place within one month of the signing of the contract transfers and the funds will be available for new contracts within 15 days of the acquisition of the DPS contract, explains the investment and pension manager of NN Penzijn company Milan Tomek.

Some companies do not even apply the notice period for the transfer, as confirmed, for example, by the director of the Conseq pension company Richard Siuda: Clients can make the entire transfer, including negotiated new contracts, online on the company’s website themselves or with the assistance of a financial advisor.

How to move from an old pension to the PCB

The transfer from the old to the new pension savings bank can only be made within one pension company, free of charge. If the participant wants to change the pension company for any reason, then he must enter the transfer and after completing the entry into the supplementary savings. Only then can I, through a selected company, apply for the transition to the n.

The transfer of funds can be subject to the payment of a fee and up to 800 K, if the employee is not a company according to both 60 months, add David Kuera.

The consent of the pension company to which the funds are to be transferred will be sufficient for the transfer of funds. The total conversion time is then averaged around the MSC.

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