People have become accustomed to connecting to the pension and they also have pension savings supplements. And someone even transformed funds… In addition to nzv have changed and gave things. You are entitled to the tax levy, which is associated with III. pili connected.

From January 2013, it is convenient to send 2,000 crowns to your full advantage. To the first thousand crowns add a new contribution, to the species are related tax levy.

TABLE: How much in

If you have only saved enough to receive a contribution, but you would like to dream the tax, then it is not complicated for most pension companies. The tax levy can also be levied with a single deposit at the end of the year. Basically, it is enough to send your pension company the necessary extra pension. Somehow you have to follow the rules of the oven bag:

  1. Inform the pension company that this is an extraordinary deposit and not a subscription to other regular stays. He automatically considers all outgoing payments for them. Somewhere the link is a specific symbol, elsewhere it is necessary to write an addendum to the contracts.
  2. It is necessary that the pensions arrive at the pension company by the end of the year. Therefore, if you do not use the same bank in which the company deposits, you cannot leave the shipment for the last day of the day. To be sure, do so at least three working days in advance.
  3. You don’t have to be a bit of administration, you don’t have to change your regular contribution and then dream it again. If anyone were to say that, it was probably given by a financial advisor who can’t do his job. Alternatively, before the end of the year, he wants to earn points for the so-called extras.

PehlednHow to go to pension companies

  • Aegon: Extraordinary contribution can be paid at any time. You need to inform the company. There is no need to change the contract or increase the monthly contribution once.
  • Allianz: All you have to do is send a pension and first write an extraordinary installment for the recipient. It also offers a tax machine that reminds clients how much they can send to take advantage of the tax benefits, but does not commit to it.
  • Axa: It is necessary to notify in writing of the extraordinary payment. It is not necessary to increase the regular contribution, even if the pension company recommends it.
  • Conseq: Offer the service to Daov optimum, when the client is notified before the end of the year that he has used up his / her contributions, but he / she did not receive a tax benefit and can obtain it with a one-time extraordinary deposit.
  • UNDER PS: The client will not be able to complete one form, he would have to submit enough in November for an additional contribution and send a pension in December. If you have an agreed program for tax optimization OPTIMAX, you can send a pension without changing the contract.
  • ING: The client will arrange the service of Daov Optimum, which will automatically increase his contribution to the December each year, which he fails so that the total amount of pension income is 24,000 crowns. The client will make it this year as well.
  • PS Komern banka: In addition to the contract (arrange it at a bank branch or at the Blue Pyramid advisor), you must announce an extraordinary tax deposit for December. The branches of Komern banka are also open on 31 December.
  • PS esk pojiovny: The client contractually (supplemented) to invite a regular deposit in December. Do this on the website The Daova service will automatically pay for extraordinary payments to tax members.
  • PS esk spoitelny: Those who have the Maximum service can pay the contribution once before the end of the year. The maximum can be agreed in the bank’s branch and with external partners. The form is also on the web, you have to print it out and sign it. Activate the service the second day after delivery to the SPS, then you can make a payment.

Apply the tax levy when paying income tax. The pension company in January in the field confirmed the payment stce. If not, urge her, because if you are an employee, you must confirm the delivery of thorns to your wages by the 15th. The entrepreneur gives the tax himself, confirmed it and give it as a plot.

Remember Who is waiting for the tax lion

  • Anyone who has a contract concluded for a supplementary pension or a new one for a supplementary pension savings.
  • Anyone who has between 1,001 and 2,000 crowns or at the end of the year has made an extraordinary deposit in patina.
  • Anyone who does not terminate the contract temporarily, otherwise it is necessary to pay the tax dispute for all years when the client used it.
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