In some cases, you do not have to pay tax in days. When will you eat, but only a little. Or when you are a pensioner and the tax you sweat is not less than CZK 24,840. So much for a fee that even retirees can get away with. You like in our model example.

The income of the Jana and Miroslava pension:

Jan and Miroslav’s pensioners are all gardeners. They have so much money that they have to sell it. Jana spent 18 thousand crowns in 2009 and Miroslava won 40 thousand crowns. In addition to the income of 10 thousand crowns, no other income. Miroslava will provide me with documents for the purchase of seedlings and fertilizer for 15 thousand crowns. Do I have to pay?

Jana: Income from the sale of garden furniture is given as income from mining activities. They are exempt from taxes if their sum does not exceed 20 thousand crowns per year. Jana doesn’t have to tax or give a damn. – use our tax formula

Miroslava: He crossed the border for exemption, so he must file a tax return and tax the entire 40 thousand crowns (not just a hundred exceeding the limit for exemption). The income is written to Ploha 2 as the other income according to § 10. The actual input (15 thousand crowns) or the payment of a pause of 80 percent, which is appropriate, can be stated as data.

zklad day: 40 000 – (40 000 x 80 %) = 8 000

gives: 8 000 x 15 % = 1 200

yes after the payment: 1,200 – 24,840… da will not apply

Miroslava will not pay, but he will have to file a tax.

Tip: If you earn less than 20,000 crowns a year for your physical activity, you do not have to pay tax on them. Among the various activities include the creation of websites, the sale of honey, helping a friend’s business in the store. The condition is that it is not a regular activity.

tte v tern MF TODAY

He gave an interesting tax situation on the 16th hole in the area of ​​Penze.

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