The supplementary pension is over 4.1 million ech. In total, they have a pension of 353 billion crowns in the so-called transformed funds, on average it is over 86 thousand crowns per statute. The appreciated pension now ranges from 1.1 to 0.47 percent.

This follows from the data for the first half of 2016, which was published by the Association of Pension Companies.

The pension, which is still consumed by the third pensioner, is the best valued this year by the pension company Axa (1.1%). The second place is the Pension Company esk pojiovny (1.04%) and the best rated is the pension company Allianz (1.01%). On the other hand, at least in the first half of 2016, those who have a pension supplement with Consequ (0.47%) earned. Other pension companies achieve returns in the range of 0.57 and 0.82%.

How to earn transformed funds
Pension companyFollowing 2015The result for the 1st half. 2016
Alliance PS1,40 %1,01 %
AXA PS1,07 %1,10 %
Conseq PS0,40 %0,47 %
esk spoitelna PS0,81 %0, 57 %
UNDER PS1,17 %0,82 %
Komern Bank PS1,16 %0,73 %
NN PS0,88 %0,72 %
PS esk pojiovny1,36 %1,04 %
source: Association of Pension Societies R

I consider the public results of pension funds to be in line with the current situation of low years of rates. around pension funds is not enormous, but above all to maintain the real value of pensions. And the transformed pension fund succeeded even without considering a state contribution. This is due to low inflation and despite the obligatory guarantee of an undeniable appreciation. How long it will take for low inflation to last, unfortunately, does not say, comments the results Duan Dlo, an analyst at Broker Trust.

According to Alee Poklop, president of the Association of Pension Companies R, it is now difficult for the transformed funds to generate a profit, because according to the law, they have to invest primarily in conservative instruments and In the current situation in the market transformed funds from suitable investments in the past, and further, therefore, all safe overcoming inflation, which in recent months is still at a record low, below 0.5 percent, notes Ale Poklop.

Pension companies can deduct more pensions for the first time since the year, the fee has risen from the previous 0.6 to 0.8 percent. Therefore, if the average number of visitors is 86 thousand crowns, the city will take down 516 crowns, which is 172 crowns more (about fees here).

You are evaluated with stnn support and tax rebate

And how did the rated pension give the agent expect? If there is no growth in the financial markets, the return on conservative investments, such as government bonds, it can be expected that the value of the funds in the transformed funds will continue to be below 1%. Even so, the appreciation in the transformed funds should continue to exceed record low inflation, but Ale Poklop. If someone demands a return, I can transfer to employee funds, but if you take a higher risk, notes analyst Duan. In these employee funds, there is no guarantee of delay, they can, unlike transformed funds, risk more and get into the red.

However, many people in the transformed funds can increase the value of their disputes over the retirement of the furnace only more, depending on the amount of support and tax discounts. a number of participants in this pension saw do not fully deduct the full support and the tax levy, otherwise it is at least not one thousand crowns a month. Sttn support from vs did not give rent, but the contribution of savings increases. There is basically no suitable conservative investment for people just before retirement. In the long run, however, two-sense dynamical investment funds, points out Ale Tma, Investin analyst Partners.

And msnho sttnho pspvku and III. battery (vK)
Msn loka1002003004005006007008009001 000
Sttn pspvek0090110130150170190210230

If you have the opportunity to send more pensions to your pension supplement with the full contribution, you will get 230 crowns for full wall support when you save less than 1,000 crowns. The amount of 2,000 crowns will guarantee that you will get the highest contribution (230 crowns) and at the same time you will be entitled to the highest tax advantage (1,800 crowns).

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