Although you have recently decided that you will never be able to get away from the state, you may be different. Because you are ill for a long time and returning to work is complicated by high health. Or you can’t get a job and you have to go to the old-age pension for a flight. Let’s take a look at how possibilities exist.

1.Invalidn dchod

For whom: One who has become disabled is not the first to retire or was not 65 years old. He gave the condition that the hunter had acquired the necessary insurance period in the previous period. It is five years in people over 28 years of age (sweat in the last 10 years), it is times in young people. If someone became disabled as a result of work and sick leave, the necessary insurance period is not necessary.

Time completed: He does not go to the age of 65, then he is entitled to retirement (in the same way as the disabled, or you, when you leave the pension through sweat). In the case of a disability pension, the state of health is regularly reviewed at intervals of one and three years.
And dchodu: The exact calculation of the income is carried out by the Social Security Administration (SSZ) and applied to the base of the day. The pension depends on previous wages and the degree of disability.
Pklad: For a hunter who has worked for 25 years, until his retirement remains 15 years and has a gross income of 30 thousand crowns, the invalidity pension would be III. degree pes 12 thousand crowns.
Where to give: On esk sprv socilnho secured by housing.

Sweat for a period of time, for example, a period of time up to those years?
Yes, it is a so-called reimbursement period.
I am unemployed for a long time, what about the right to a disability pension?
If you are over 38 years old, it is possible to assess the period of insurance either for the last 10 years (in which case you need five years of insurance) or for the last 20 years (then you have been connected for 10 years). If you do not meet either category, you are not entitled to a disability pension.


For whom: He is forced out by the one who has saved enough pensions and I have five years before leaving for the day of retirement. The period of early retirement is the so-called exclusion of not paying when retiring, so the shortening of the long-term pension is not the same as that of early retirement.
Vk: The hunter can leave before the retirement no earlier than five years before the retirement age of an equally old man, so regardless of the number of children brought up or the fact that they are women.
Conditions: You have to have the pension in the form of an additional pension savings (two supplementary pensions). It is not necessary that you have the product arranged at the summer and that regular savings in the pension are allowed to deposit one-off from another contract. Five years before the retirement is a bag of obligations, it is also not possible to negotiate a new contract, put a chapter on it and stop working.
Pklad: You must have a reserve of 30 percent of the average wage (about 7,350 crowns) for each month of fulfilled advance. You need at least 176,500 crowns for a two-year advance, and 441,000 crowns for a pill.
Monost vdlku: Not limited.
Time completed: Until the right to the bottom of the pension, at least two years, at most five years. The advance can not be suspended or the completed sewer can be stopped, it can be terminated and you can go to the old-age and early retirement.
Where to give: U sv penzijn společnosti (two pension fund).

How is the advantage of advance?
You can earn money for your health insurance salary just as you would reach retirement age.

3.Old age

For whom: Who has reached retirement age and paid a certain period of social security.
Conditions: The retirement age is delayed, the number of retirement ages can be found on the retirement calculations here. The required insurance period is gradually extended from the original 25 to 35 years.

Required insurance period for the calendar year in which the retirement age is reached
201020112012201320142015201620172018after 2018
26 let27 let28 let29 let30 let31 let32 let33 let34 let35 let
zdroj: SSZ

Not only the years when you were employed and doing business (and thus paid social security), but also the so-called compensation period, are covered. For example, for those years up to those years of age, period of study (only those who studied until the end of 2009, and only 6 years for studying after the 18th birthday), registration for work (period for which there is no support in unemployment, is only limited). There are many exceptions, when you already know a short period of insurance, when you are old, even if there are no overtime periods at the time of insurance. The conditions are different for different births, it is better to consult your specific case with SSZ staff.
Monost vdlku: Not limited.
And dchodu: Please note the length of time you paid the insurance and the time you worked for it. The number of reports from stock and percentage, also takes into account how the value of the crown has changed over the years. In the entrance to the spot on the NNW. Once a year, you can submit it for a so-called informative personal letter, where you can find out how the insurance period and income are currently recorded (more here). The average in the old-age pension is now 12,251 (mui) and 10,044 crowns (women).
Where to give: On esk sprv socilnho secured by housing.
Time completed: Doivotn.

4.Spicy dchod

For whom: It can be used by the person who has the most years to leave until the day of retirement (or five years, when the pension is at least 63 years old and if he is 60 years old), is paid from the stipulated pension, then the day of retirement is lower.
Conditions: The height of the calculated retirement depends on the long time when the pedestrian retreat is pumped. The basic amount is not reduced, the percentage is. It is reduced by a certain percentage for every 90 days that you retire two. And that’s two, that’s the percentage of you. For example, if you retire 90 days before you reach retirement age, you will receive 0.9 percent of the deposit base, you will leave two years later, the deposit will be 15.9 percent lower (more here).
The reduction for early departure is permanent, after reaching retirement age your pension will not increase (except for the plan of valorization of income).
Monost vdlku: You can earn money, but only so much that you do not pay social security from the income (for example, in the form of an agreement on the performance of work up to 10 thousand crowns per month). If you have a chance to make more money, you can stop the early retirement, but it pays to work for at least 90 days, and then there will be a more favorable number of boarding days.
Time completed: Until the beginning of the year for retirement, it does not take three years (or five years). You can go, for example, if you find a job.
Where to give: On esk sprv socilnho secured by housing.

Is it necessary for you to meet the condition of the required period of retirement insurance for the right to early retirement?
Yes. The required time is as set for the old-age pension.

5.Widow’s and widower’s retirement

For whom: For a person who has died a husband who:

  • may have received an old-age and disability pension, or
  • on the day of death he fulfilled the conditions for entitlement to invalidity pension as well as the conditions for entitlement to old-age pension, or
  • died as a result of work (sick leave).

Time completed: For one year since the death of the husband. Part of the time of payment of the pension is mon, only if he has stopped caring for the unsupported dt. Or about the child, about his birth and the birth of a deceased mane, who are dependent on other persons in grade II and IV. Likewise, if a person is disabled in level III and the team is of retirement age (or would reach it within those years, it is assessed in relation to his retirement age, the number of children is not taken into account). The salary that one year after the death of the husband the year expires and within two years some of the above conditions are met, the first for the survivor’s pension is renewed.
And dchodu: The calculation is similar to the complexity of the retirement age, where the basic amount and the percentage rate play a role here.
Where to give: On esk sprv socilnho secured by housing.

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