The Partners Group obtained a license from its central bank for its own pension company. On its basis, it then applied for licenses for employee pension funds. They will bear the name Rentea and will also be able to save for retirement with a permanent contribution. Rentea will use the investment of BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager.

According to Petr Borkovec, of the Partners group, the Czech pension funds are associated with such a strong game, which is clearly suitable for all their employees. And he praises the very approach of American society.

He was very professional and it was seen that BlackRock had a similar collaboration ready for a very long time. I have suitable tools and products for her, to Petr Borkovec. According to him, the interest in cooperation was mutual.

At the end of last year, the American investment company BlackRock had an initial investment of 8.68 trillion US dollars. While other asset managers did not do well during 2020, BlackRock had strong results. The companies were helped by positive developments in world markets, says Fio banka analyst Michal Fric, who described the results of BlackRock.

Shares of BlackRock rose 44 percent last year alone. This is the most significant increase in the company’s share price since 2013.

Interestachyst ti astnick fondy

The pension company Rentea, which is being prepared by the Partners group, will open in the first two two mutual funds on which it wants to build bonds and shares. Of these, clients then mix portfolios according to their investment profile. In total, it fulfills to offer three equity funds: a mandatory conservative equity fund that will have a highly conservative strategy, a bond equity fund with a conservative investment strategy and a equity equity fund with a dynamic strategy. In his case, Partners will rely mainly on BlackRock services.

The advantage will be a clear efficiency and know-how in investing. Both should have an impact on long-term input to Borkovec. Partners funds will also offer tools that will enable them to be able to actively manage their portfolios within the given possibilities. Investors who turn to funds with a one-off investment, will be able to gradually and over time spread the investment into dynamic components.

Associated with BlackRockvak, we certainly do not relieve Partners of responsibility for Rentea pension funds. BlackRock is a primary supplier of know-how, tools and some products. But we have to make the first thing ourselves. From liquidity to investment in koruna instruments and bonds, notes Borkovec.

Dleitost penzijnho spoen

Partners decided to build their own pension company due to the fact that there is room for a valued client’s deposit in their pension savings. The reason for this is also the fact that the purpose of the planned rentea employee fund is to provide people with quality counseling and motivate them not to rely only on a state pension. According to Borkovec, today most people are retiring in transformed funds with a guaranteed return, where the deposit is valued very low and disputes and the contribution to inflation.

There are two statistics for him. At the end of 2020, a total of 4,415,759 employees joined the Czech pension. And of which 3,134,354 in transformed and 1,281,406 in equity funds. In addition, in comparison with the rich European states, they often set aside low funds, which will hardly cover their basic needs in retirement, even with the payment of a loan. According to Partners, it is therefore necessary to offer people quality advice in this matter.

Although they retire, they have products, but do not develop them to the fullest. It is the bottom of their abilities, financial literacy, but also of the (un) acknowledged state that in 20 and 30 years he will not be able to take care of all people of retirement age on an equal footing. It’s just nereln and it’s up to us. The state will be able to ensure the living wage, not the living standard that we would like, Borkovec will conclude.

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