For foreign investors, Russia is beyond all its specifics and unpredictability in an attractive field. 145 million potential customers are at stake in the market, which has not yet been used by many cities. What are the pitfalls in Russia and how to trade with Russian partners first?

An interesting advantage for manufacturers in Russia is the combination of high distance and qualification of workers and their substantial wage costs compared to western Europe. In large cities, there are many employees with a university degree, good knowledge of foreign languages ​​(especially English) and an additional MBA education. Not only are the managers of manaei and manaei at the middle leading level highly qualified, unlike in western Europe, the secretaries can also boast of a university degree.

Promise the investor the most

Pleasure is an inexhaustible amount. Ob russia’s economy is growing – and the infrastructure is not enough. A number of areas of the Russian economy have an outdated production base. Transport, telecommunications and logistics structures are known to be undersized and require completion and modernization. So far, not use the opportunity to offer the service sector. According to the consulting company Deloitte, the most promising areas in Russia are financial services and the consumer sector. The real estate sector is also growing. In Russia, the growing medium and financial services, such as consumerism, are a very interesting area for investors. In the same way, even the native market offers future high profits and large market shares for the first fast investors.

The Russian Federation is thus a very interesting market for the sale of branded goods, the locals have it and spend it on their pensions. In Russia, the reform of energy and investment in infrastructure (bottlenecks for contractors for the construction of debtors, railways, etc.) are taking place. Opportunities for investment in infrastructure and equipment will also be provided during the Winter Olympics in Russia in 2014. Future potential is also evident in the pharmaceutical industry. Interesting sectors for small and medium-sized companies are support programs for research and development in the areas of hi-tech and pharmacy, logistics, infrastructure, engineering and the automotive industry.

Most importantly, don’t expect Russia to be the 4th strongest economy in the world

In Russia, the idea of ​​a “poor entrance” is not quite valid, where it is not normal to pay. Today, Russia is a promising and for several years already a solvent market, which all its trading partners are aware of today and adapt their approach to it. Get in full – today the Russian market is not a virgin wilderness, where I can try to dig out my gold-bearing meadow anywhere – there are many establishments who have not gone in for a long time. Let me mean that in the future the penetration of the Russian market will be difficult and financially different, because the competition will only increase.

In a survey of 809 managers of the world’s largest corporations, Russia occupied the 5th place of investment in the most vibrant countries. According to the conference on darkness “Realization of acquisitions and joint venture project in Russia”, which was organized in mid-November in Prague by the law firm Havel & Holsek and the consulting firm Deloitte in cooperation with SOB and the largest Russian law firm Pepeliaev, Goltsblat & Partners, Russia will in 2025 it will be the 4th largest economy in the world and will be the 2nd largest financial market after London.

Naute to trade in Russian style

At the same time, it still pays to trade with Russia or start a business here for everyone. The specifics of the Russian market require its perfect knowledge and thus approach the level in terms of analysis of all risks and opportunities. irok rusk due is in short still unpredictable. And the Russian bureaucratic mainland system, where the first “bumblebee” is for you all, still works like a time-lubricated hell machine. Although the Russians are very hospitable people in personal contact, they often do not resist their approach to customers. And in the area of ​​state bureaucracy, such as the customer-oriented approach, they have not heard anything about it in Russia to this day – and if they did, they would probably just look at the forehead. series work very slowly, corruption is vudyptomn and stt is trying to intervene in a regulated way. Relationships in Russia will not only help those who don’t.

In business, however, this is not so true today. Graduates of the international MBA program and the presidential program have experience from abroad and knowledge of back management. With this young generation of Russian managers who took advantage of what a business and business should look like, Zpad, saw and change the style of work.

“In stores today, quality and price are decisive, tenders are submitted, one is hard, but more transparent,” says a representative of one of the Czech companies, who managed to penetrate the Russian market. However, it is true that good interpersonal relationships are not underestimated even in business matters – they are just as important as good business contacts. When negotiating with Russian partners about deals, it is good to deal with a long time horizon – there is nothing worse for closing a deal, not when it is not possible to come to a common end, when you have to invite the evening, because you do not want to delay the departure home. And sometimes it is necessary to have a long-lasting morning – a drink of vodka is still considered a good welcome drink, refreshments and a drink to close the shop again.

Rules of dancing with a Russian bear

It is good to find out as much information as possible about the Russian partner in advance – not only because of business issues, but also because of the overall style of one. Russia is not only a large country, but a well – known national diversity – in addition to the Russian Federation, a number of other ethnic groups, such as Tatai, Ukrainians, Armenians, Uvai, Dagestci and about 140 other small nationalities. The fact that a hunter is going to negotiate with a Russian society does not mean that one Russian will be against him, but a fuller nation who has a much better oriental style than the one. The chosen strategy may not prove successful and may fail. In addition, one Russian partner is often influenced not only by the Orient, but also by the leaders of the rulers from the times of the “good old” Soviet Union.

When dealing with foreign partners, Russians often behave enthusiastically, they can be so warm and very hospitable. In the spirit of oriental traditions, I prefer to bloom a style of expression and a very long circle around one’s own subject. It’s not good to go straight to the point – dancing with a Russian bear has its rules and the first is not to look for time and not try to hurry. But you have to stay in the stitch – the Russians know either a win or a loss, compromise is a simple word and a degree of weakness. They don’t like to put on steps. Don’t be afraid of conflict, don’t hide your emotions, on the contrary, they like to play pressure on the other side and somehow the theater – openly show possible anger, arrogance and disagreement and they are able to leave one.

It is presented to watch you with a cool head and strong nerves – if the Russian partner is really interested in the deal, he will finally get back to the negotiating table. Even the signing of the contract is not a final victory – when signing, you need to be very careful about its importance and keep in mind that the signed contract means nothing to the Russians. And if the law protects business first relationships are still going better as a non-binding recommendation rather than as something you really need to know.

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