They built a huge enterprise, they employed thousands of people. They wanted to compete with Code and Tate. Only, as with other famous families, Schichtov was full of wolves and communists.

The entrance door opens and on those floors behind them there are rooms and various lockers. On the walls of the corridors below remained colored fats with the signs of peace. For example, the music lounge has a violin and trumpet.


On the second floor is one of the rooms of the whole wood and the floor, windows and chandeliers have been preserved in it. It belonged to the boy, a sign at two reveals. In the room, veiled and at the very end of the villa, behind the window emerges from the fog the ruins of the medieval castle. We are in the district of the Vaov district in the villa of Heinrich Schicht, a member of one of the largest industrial families in the north.

The family once worked with their wealth and wealth to ensure that the whole of Europe was inhabited by the whole of Europe. Perhaps every laundress knew their most famous product, fainting with a deer.

With the production of the Schichtov mistletoe, they started in the cellar of a small farm in Rynoltice near Liberec. Georg Schicht obtained permission to produce glycerin on July 6, 1848. And this date is considered to be the confusion of the company. After thirty years, when the whole family was involved in the production, Georg pedaled the company with his synonym. The most capable and progressive of them was Johann. He decided that the company went to st.

The rapidly developing city was chosen for a simple reason, it needed to reduce the cost of transporting raw materials and new buildings, moreover, it was accessible by rail in the vicinity of a large city. Johann convinced the family council for almost one decade about his intention to build a new fool and add a jet bag.

When he reached his age, the year was 1882 and Johann was 27 years old. Schicht’s family was grown on the Stekov site on January 2, 1883. They moved to the first floor of one of the first factory buildings, said Hana Peivov.

The biggest turning point came in 1891, when Johann registered the fainting deer. But for them there is a deer on the left hand, no one knows today. Fainting became the flagship of the entire enterprise. It was exported to the customs of Europe and its production was 300 million pieces.

The Dales product, which Schichtm provided a name for throughout Europe, was the fruit of Ceres Saft. The name was after the goddess of the family, who according to legend taught humanity to plow and take care of the penny. The name Ceres Fabrik even lived on the factory buildings. Nzev later carried and still carries food fat.

Layerovka each

From 1885 there was a rapid development of the company. In addition to the soap factory, it was expanded to include operations for the processing of palm kernels, the production of water glass, cardboard, glycerine, a machine shop and a smithy. At the same time, a ski lift, a waterworks on the Elbe and its own power plant were built. And Johann Schicht also bought coal mines, say Ivan Krlov in the book Djina msta st nad Labem.

Johann Schicht undoubtedly belonged to the business elites in his time, to the names Baa or koda. At the very end of the 19th century, Prestin also received the title of the Council of Slovakia for his contributions to the development of industry in the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.

Johann Schicht died of cancer on June 3, 1907. The sweat was immediately taken by the companies of his sons Heinrich (* 1880) and Georg (* 1884). Scientifically based Heinrich devoted himself to the technology and strategic zen of the company, George’s guess was economics. Heinrich became president and Georg vice president and business director, says Peivov.

And the company went. In 1911, it opened the first fat stiffener in Europe. Five thousand orders went to the sales department every day. It was especially clear that Schichtov had been one of the largest food and drug companies in the world since he was in the cellar.

Unprecedented development of Peru, the first world of wolves, because 1,600 of the darkly 3,500 employees had to leave at the front, including only the Schicht family. He also saw a great deal of economic losses with the disintegration of Austria-Hungary. The company drank a quarter of all customers.

Schreckenstein does not run

And then Georg decided to take an interesting step. He wanted to make the capital a city of production in Czechoslovakia and he wanted to establish a company in the Tatra Mountains. He hired the talented designer Willibald Gatter, who in 1927 assembled a cheap and functional model. It bore the name Schreckenstein or Stekov and Schicht performed srio production.

However, we managed to produce only those pieces with which Schicht carried out a propaganda trip to Central Europe. In the end, however, Georg sent the whole project to the ice and kept having fun. Probably because he became the director of Unilever and had nothing else to do, according to historian Martin Krsek.

The definitive end of the food-drug business meant a kind of wolf worlds. During the fight, Stekov had to make units for V-1 missiles. In July 1945, Heinrich and his wife Martha had to leave their Vaov villa, business and land and prepare as a Sudeten German for deportation. They ended up in a league in Saxony in Pirn, from where, after about a year, they escaped to their daughter in Switzerland.

Enterprise peel into sttnch hands. In 1946, the new name Severoesk tukov was taken over and it became a bite of the Tukov prmysl concern. In 1992, during the large-scale privatization of shares, it became the company Setuza. Heinrich did not recover from this and until the end of his life. He claimed that he had traveled around the world, but nowhere did he see such a beautiful landscape as around St. He died in mid-1959 in Chur, Hungary, where he and his wife at the Steinbock Hotel, the first Peivov.

A little different fate awaited George. Due to his position in Unilever, he passed the wolf to Berlin. He shared a villa in Wannsee for his family, but when he began building Hitler’s NSDAP on the ground in the 1930s, he decided to go to London, where he lived until his death in 1961. The family had British citizenship. George’s sons Georg Johann and Ernst actively defended the kind of worlds wolves in the British Air Force, close Peivov.

To this day, both the German and British lineages, none of them do business with fainting and fat.

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