Since 2013, according to the current performance of the Ministry of Finance, there will be a significant change in the method of income tax. Employees with a gross income of between 11 and 38 thousand crowns should stick to the tax the most. For simple calculations, you can spot how you will be.

In two years, according to the proposed tax reform, the current super-gross wage will end, and 19 percent of the income will be deducted from the gross wage. Discounts on dt 13,404 crowns will remain in force (from 2012).

The current system of various lions and tax benefits, such as public fares and meal vouchers, should replace a new employee paul in more than a thousand crowns.

The discount on the fee of CZK 24,840 per year will remain, but only for employees, their salary does not exceed the average amount, ie approximately 98 thousand crowns. Those with a salary will not deduct anything from the tax (you can find a detailed overview of changes here).

A significant change will be your health insurance contributions. Employees in the new department will pay 6.5 percent of the gross salary, instead of the current 4.5 percent. For people with low incomes, it means that you are up. You insure them against the benefit of them.

The calculation takes into account the previously presented full of the Ministry of Finance. These bags can be changed either by the minister or by the deputies during the discussion in the Parliament.

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