Pension funds delay, clients this year for the first time a taste of loss, they first report on the results of employee funds. Is it necessary to bt? An investment analyst at Partners Ale Tma fell in love with this question.

Kolsn looked dramatic during the year, with Conseq’s equity fund falling, for example, down 17 percent. But on the horizon, stle mrn is in the red. Most of the competing funds also have a small profit, or at least their own.

Even if they go down again by the end of the year, it shouldn’t matter. Kolsn short for long-term investment pat. Those years after the launch of the new funds, it is still necessary to explain. At least according to their popularity and internet discussions. What do some astments look like?

1. Why should I save for retirement in a fund that does not guarantee anything? I’m happy to stay in the bank.

Kolsn vs will pay in 10-20-30 years, and you will have saved hundreds of amounts. Therefore, the automatic parking pension is still enshrined in the conservative fund at the end of the savings.

At the turn of the spins, on the other hand, he often plays cards back, because there is the strongest so-called average cost effect. What ever after the New Year erupts gave the crisis and stocks fall gradually by 50 percent? Whoever invested in the event in 2007, he beat himself for about five years, he was not on his own. If at the same rate affects 1,000 crowns per month, in five years the average value of a crown invested around nine percent of rons will be evaluated. Of the 60 thousand you will have over 75 thousand.

2. Every 20 years std reim, and every moment there is a crisis. So how much security will I get from the fund?

You do not have absolute certainty in the area of ​​life, including investment. However, this does not mean that it does not make sense to save. Imagine a squirrel that doesn’t look good in the winter because it’s afraid it’s a bear. When a bear doesn’t come, the squirrel will go hungry anyway.

3. Pensions are not included in the pension fund for profit, but for the contribution of the state and the company. If the input is zero or two percent, the furnace will not be so important.

You can, of course, be satisfied with the contribution of the employer. But it would be a big mistake to assume that this contribution will save. With a very long investment horizon, the first choice of a suitable strategy (more here) has a much greater impact on how much it will end up.

4. In 20 and 30 years, the same funds will go bankrupt and will pay off clients!

Don’t go bankrupt. In the case of pension institutions, the problem is usually relatively simple: the system guarantees a certain amount of pensions for which it has no resources.

However, when you pay the old-age pension from the pension fund, you will simply get as much as you will have spent there (minus the eventual income tax). The fund will not have uncovered volumes. If a pension company has problems, it will be taken over by a strong competitor, nor would it affect the value of your disputes. It is separated from the manager’s management in the same way as for mutual funds.

5. Well, don’t go bankrupt, but pensions will devalue inflation or even bankruptcy.

We have changed the importance of choosing a suitable investment strategy. So yes, if you are afraid of risk and choose a fund investing securely in government bonds, you probably can’t really expect returns well above inflation. However, you can’t even blame the dynamic fund for both to lose. Stocks are a relatively good insurance against inflation in the long run, but the price for this is their volatility first. There is no risk, there is no train running through this detachment.

6. Who can guarantee that the fund will not bleed on it like the VW scandal? The billion-dollar company has over half the night value.

That is true, but the pension company carries on one card. Their portfolio is in fact created by ETFs, ie index funds, which simply invest in the entire stock market. The impact of the problems of one specific company is therefore small. The dynamic fund invests heavily in individual actions, but still adhere to appropriate diversification.

7. Funds and stocks are just peppers, their value can be burned at any time. I would rather save in gold, it has a lasting value.

Some gold sellers use the collagen fund as a selling point. The role of gold in the portfolio can be debated, but if you choose whether to save a thousand crowns in gold or in a supplementary pension fund, the first choice is clearly nonsense. Even gold is just a commodity, its value is due to demand and supply.

Enthusiastic sellers argue the certainty of gold and sometimes fear the collapse of veho. Yes, the value of the action and the fund depend on the working first. But it also rises to gold. And you will want to pay with a gold bar with the glorious feeling that you have foretold the world apocalypse and prepared for it, someone will simply piss me off with a club.

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