The people most often choose a holiday in lt. He often leaves with the fact that he has to release work matters on days off. Even those responsible for corporate e-mails from remote cities can expose me to cyber threats. Cisco security expert Milan Habrcetl offers seven tips on how to avoid them.

It follows from the Czech statistical series that in 2017 they took more than 13 million long trips, ie with more than those nights. For the period of July, August and pipads more than 7.5 million of them.

The traditional idea of ​​vacation as a time when I am in charge of someone else, but not even. A wide survey by Bitkom showed that at least 71% of respondents handle work matters during their holidays.

When we’re out of the office, we don’t take out a secure business. Pota is exposed to cyber threats. These are much more sophisticated today than not two. Not only state-of-the-art technology will help against the most advanced members of the flow, but also the average user and small companies can make their protection more effective if they follow a few simple rules. How are they?

1.Do not provide secure public Wi-Fi

You can never completely rely on a high level of publicly available and unsecured Wi-Fi. One of the risks is, for example, that there are devices in them that are infected with some advanced dangerous software. Through wi-fi, I can get to your facility and grow into a company center. If you need an urgent response, for example to a short company e-mail, you should rather use a VPN connection and mobile data.

2.Use a VPN connected

If you send company documents from a computer connected to Wi-Fi and cables outside the company, use the so-called virtual private party. This works so that the computer behaves as if it is connected from your company. If you know that you will have to deal with anything urgently during the holidays, ask your corporate IT manager to set up a VPN connection. The current trend in the protection of remote connections is the so-called secure internet gateway in the cloud (secure internet gateway), which protects corporate devices, and you can connect from anywhere, even if you do not have VPN enabled.

3.Save your data before leaving

Ingredients are one of the most basic safety instructions. If you are an employee, make sure that all the data you need to work with in the future is backed up on the company log. If you work as a self-employed person, do not forget to create a backup of your data on an external drive before leaving, which you leave at home. You can run an example during packing of a suitcase and take it out for a while.

4.Do not rely on HTTPS pages

There is a perception among many users that web pages that use encrypted communication (typically marked with a https icon and a change icon next to the web name) are completely secure. Although ifrovn improves the protection of the private user, hackers still use it.

Today, they use 50% of all websites. However, finding a malicious file in encrypted communication is very nron and can only be achieved by the most advanced security engineer, who uses machines and artificial intelligence. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to which web page you are connecting to, even if it seems safe at first glance.

5.Forget about working in internet cafes

In this case, you should not use equipment other than the one you are designed to work with. Avoid Internet cafes and never send work papers and documents through them. They can get into the wrong hands. Never be sure if the internet cafe operator actually protects the pot as it should.

6.Use only company ones

Company policies, of course, greatly that any work communication should take place through the company, and it is e-mail and other work tools. Anyone who needs to send something needs to be sent and cannot sign up for a company here at the given time. However, you should reconsider twice if this is really such an urgent thing that is worth the risk. The use of private e-mail has caused her problems for many users.

E-mail is still the most natural communication platform, but it still pays for the most common way in which dangerous software gets into the system. A suitable alternative to e-mail today is a tool specialized for dark corporate communication, which uses its own leveling and protection. I recommend trying these tools for cooperation with colleagues, partners and clients.

7.Do not send sensitive data to anyone

This rule salary not only on vacation. However, the first time off is to make a quick e-mail, and we won’t even look long for it. It’s so easy for a hunter to miss a fraudulent e-mail, his goal is to get sensitive information from everyone, and it’s bank details and passwords. After returning to work, I expect an unpleasant surprise.

Great attention would be paid to the people responsible for paying invoices. There may be situations where tonk abuses the drowsiness of the company’s director and back to the financial department payment request. Of course, no one in the finance department wants to disturb their enthusiasts on vacation and I have a fraudulent e-mail.

Those tipsHow to protect a company

The first step for companies that do not want to risk that their employees will be unpleasantly surprised by their holidays should be to protect their e-mail communication.

Businesses also have a second option, namely the special security of the Brno network, which monitors in the cloud and responds to the current security situation in the world and can protect even devices that do not connect via VPN.

The most interesting feature is the identity management tool of an advanced station end protection tool that records who, when, from where, from what device and where to log in, automatically blocks malicious software and keeps an overview of what is happening in corporate IT. dje.

Ideln is a combination of all these. A key element for good protection is the concept of Threat Intelligence, a cloud intelligence service that monitors all current threats to the world, sends data to security data and then updates and protects against new types of malicious software.

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