This year an expression to my thousand ech. But not when allowed to take place without sweat. Minor defects, missing a runk, can be easily corrected. Doubtful bags can be obscured. What do you decide not to like and how to complain first? The individual evidence is very important, to the lawyer Petr Novk.

Some complaints can drag on for a long time and end up in court. This is confirmed by the case of Mr. Karolny Bonczkovsk. In 2014, she bought a family trip to Krto for 38,670 crowns to a hotel in the form of an all-inclusive dining room. She signed a contract at the travel agency and paid half the price in advance. Shortly afterwards, the saleswoman called her to forget to enter the exact name of the apartment in which she would be staying with the children. This is not a day change, just an administrative matter. The apartments are in the immediate vicinity of the hotel, provided by the shopkeeper.

After going to the dream city, Karolna was not surprised. The apartments looked different in the photos and were a long way from those stars. They were also far from the hotel. Going out with young children was the bottom of the flap. When she contacted the delegate to resolve the situation, she learned: You are not the first or the last to have misinformation, grown in another place.

The apartment could not even be ventilated, the only window in the kitchen was broken from the hinges. Dt Mr. Bonczkovsk slept on a bed with a predatory sheet. Instead of a promising view of the sea, they had an insight into the building and the warehouse. The quiet service did not work either. Therefore, Karoln had no choice but to buy peace of mind and clean up on his own. She documented everything.

The travel agency’s sweeping bag was swept off the table. You agreed with the transfer to the given apartments, the travel agent argued. Kateina did not let herself be discouraged and turned to Petr Novek, the first from the Vae nroky port, with enough help. He sent a travel invitation to the travel agency and demanded that his aunt be reimbursed from the price of the trip. The traveler did not respond to this call either, and the case went to court. In April this year, he decided that Kateina would have a year to pay. The travel agent thus had to pay the costs of the trial and Karoln paid 14,170 crowns, including the delay.

Here are some basic tips on how to proceed to make your complaint successful and to obtain financial compensation for a broken holiday.

1.What can be claimed

It is possible to complain about what the travel agency, for example, was promised on the website or in the catalog, but in the end was not observed, to lawyer Petr Novk. Complain with services, hostels and food.

  • Service defects may include: due to the service of the delegate, missing animated programs, if they were on offer, lack of peace, etc.
  • Defects in accommodation may include: accommodation in another hotel, adjoining another room, if there was a small room, room in the room, full bathroom, missing and non-functional equipment (air conditioning, toilet), missing balcony if it was promised, a swimming pool, etc.
  • Dietary defects can include: poor, single and even healthy food.

We can complain, for example, about the noise in the room, if the environment was promised, or you smell, which comes from nearby garbage cans.

2.How to do it

Defects need to be resolved as soon as possible to the city with the delegate. If, for example, another hotel is located than the one that was booked, it is advisable to request a correction immediately, Councilor Petr Novk.

So if you book a room with a view of the sea, but you get another and the travel agency does not even need it, you can agree with the hotel manager to change the room for a fee and then request this fee from the travel agency.

If it is not repaired during the congress, it is necessary to take evidence. It is advisable to write a report with the delegate on the defects of the congress and have it signed by him, the advice of a lawyer. According to it, it is appropriate to take pictures of the shortcomings that occurred during the descent, such as the tables in the dining room, the room in the room, the shortcomings of the hotel, etc. It is suitable video recording. Evidence is a testimony.

After returning from vacation, it is necessary to complain in writing to the applicant about the congress. All evidence should be filed for the complaint. Complaints must be submitted within 30 days of the end of the trip. The requester of the congress must issue a complaint within 30 days and inform the client about the result, the lawyer warns.

3.Jak dkazy si podit

Not proof as proof. The travel agent is in the position of the counterparty and nothing else could jeopardize its position and make the position easier for the complainant. It is important to prove that the travel agency actually made mistakes, ie that reality did not correspond to the offerer.

Whatever was promised by the wall and not included in the contract is subsequently proved very difficult. Relying on a travel agent or agency to voluntarily issue, for example, telephone calls, pictures, or any other evidence is an improper weight. Therefore, when signing the contract, check whether Petr Novk in your response to the requirements and catalogs of the offer.

According to the evidence, directly from the city is allowed. Among the main ones should be especially the photo documentation of defects. If you want to take a photo that documents, for example, plks in the bathroom, it is advisable to take a photo of several consecutive ones, which will document the whole space.

We met, for example, with the fact that Mr. complained about insects in the room, but as evidence she only had a photo of the insect up close, it was not known whether she took a photo of the vacation she complained about, or for a chat with her. It is often repeated when people take poor food at their own expense. Such documentation may have known probative value. The best option is to take a picture and turn the food directly in the dining room before its server service, the first one explains.

Poor and insufficient food is one of the defects where, in addition to imaging material, I have a great deal of witness. If there are other participants in the exit, make them in contact with them, if necessary, contact them if necessary. The witness is a suitable proof at a time when there is noise, smell, lack of peace in the hotel, or the travel agent delegate does not cooperate with you in the event of a complaint.

There are many cases where the delegate, contrary to the law, does not allow the client to fill in the claimed form. In such a case, it is necessary to try again with a witness. If even the sweat is not possible, it is possible to complain about the departure within one month after its end, ie even after returning back to the Czech Republic. In the complaint after the return, it is appropriate to state that the possibility to complain directly in the city was denied by the delegate, the lawyer recommends.

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