Zuzana Osako is a model and also an illustrator focusing on Czech folklore. Three years ago, an accident led her to make the mistake of offering modern clothing inspired by centuries-old Moravian costumes. And the interest in her products is growing.

It is believed that when I have twenty salons, the financial salon is financially stable. Zuzana Osako has, in her tradition, as she called the salon, currently five clients. They are often active in politics, culture, businessmen, diplomatic wives. You all nose her costume. Although, true, adapted to daily needs. It is possible not only in the everyday world, but also in the artistic world. Mon because he loves all his work, how to.

How does a model and illustrator get to it costume?
It took a long time. About nine years ago, I fled from Japan, where I lived for several years with my husband and children. I decided to live on illustrations. I have been painting since I was a child, I also had candles in Japan. So I gradually started to build a portfolio of contacts by sending out almost all magazines and publishers in the country and offering them my services. The volume grew, gradually added books of illustrations and then commerce – drawings, weaving portraits to order.

You have had customers among the companies.
Yes, he also had a large company that only orders you a plaque or a picture, otherwise they want branding. For example, I have been cooperating for a long time with one family company in Moravia, which has a distillery and for it I created a company in illustration. Or I capture the craft itself in the pictures. Call it a portrait of a craft, and anyone who orders it, I’m very happy.

Jak konkrtn takov prce vypad?
I go to the company, I want to show me everything, my specialty is that I draw live. Sometimes I stay there for a few days. I choose projects because I can load more than anywhere, not sthm. I have a lot of fun with this, getting into history, pbhu. I have a dream, and my children will grow up, to be confused with this job first.

Your illustration will be visible in the upcoming book. What will it be about?
I’m preparing a book on traditions. It is such a guide for the modern family for eight years. I want to piblit tradition. I don’t want it to be the pleasure of just a few families, a few enthusiasts. Abroad, I have seen that who cares about his identity, do not be afraid to bring it closer to the day of life, it is a modern spark. Here you know the traditions and perhaps only keep the old grandmothers.

Tradition, folklore, that’s what vs pulls.
I always liked it, I grew up in a small village near Hodonna and my great-grandmother wore only a costume. And even though I lived in Prague after returning from Japan, I often returned to Moravia with a painter. And I noticed the activities of the South Moravian Community Foundation, which specializes in folklore. Years ago, she had a project in which she introduced women who wore costumes every day. She captured them in many beautiful photographs. I contacted the foundation and agreed to portray them.

Did they agree?
Sure, they paid off and told me a lot about the costumes. They showed me St. Mark’s, all those wardrobes. And at that time I thought of everyday old copper made of quality felt and wool, for days.

So let’s get to your business.
Then I worked in the first row of the foundation, so I had access to many costumes that the people drove there with the fact that the EU did not want them and they were sorry to throw them away. I started wearing some of those skins. K dnm. And I found out how perfectly dressed it is. The clothes in which the women left the field a hundred years ago worked, fidgeted, fidgeted, took care of ten children, walked into the village and still looked beautiful.

What was dl?
Everyone was interested. So I sat down and came up with one collection with the idea that we will show people how to wear costumes even in the daytime. We then applied to the European Commission for a grant, but they only rejected it. But I didn’t give up on that idea. I made arrangements with several waders to make my suggestions. I finally made Pehldka for myself.

And tm started the drh mdn nvrhky?
One of my friends, when he saw it, gave me, like a dragon, an established company with limited restrictions. He showed me the way. And because I still focus on modeling, at the time I was doing some commercials, I had a pension until my arrest.

How did you conceive of your salon?
The first year it was a saloon salon. The customer chose a model on the web that she liked, from a sample of the label, entered the dimensions, and we used it. And they sent the house. First, I had one comprehensive collection, inspired by costumes from Podl, gradually added two. I would like to map all our regions. But the composition of the collection is very simple. Here you can define an esk silhouette, which is then added differently.

as soon as you opened the stone salon…
It’s been a long time on the internet, but I’ve only seen the furnace a little different when the model is tested. I decided to divide it into two hundreds – a ready – to – wear garment, and then a piece of clothing. I also opened a salon in Roztoky, but we also have premises in the center of Prague, where I can drink behind the shops.

How much will I pay you for jupka?
Jupka costs about six thousand crowns, the skirt is about one and pl.

In addition to copper, your offer also includes home textiles.
After a year of creating clothing, our museum, on which I print my own illustrations, was noticed by the Museum in Krumlov. They wanted ut zsy from them. Also the saw gave inspiration. We made a large collection for the household – tablecloths, tablecloths, curtains, sheets, pyama, upholstery.

How many people do you employ?
Now I can employ one woman who gave me photos to help me with what is needed internally. The others are externist. I found six iknch vadlen in Prague and its surroundings. Tm mm skvl, dbm on their satisfaction, really enjoy it hldm. But I kept looking. Every company grows the way the first people find it. And finding good vadleny is very tk, he washes himself.

How do you handle all your work?
I get up again, take the children to the bike, take care of the company, give me what they need, and then turn to illustrating what will be like the evening. I dedicate afternoons and weekends to children. It is true that I have been working late into the night for several years, so I can limit myself to doing it for myself.

Which ad did you choose?
Satisfied customers and Facebook help work for a very long time. Put a photo of the new ones on it and a number of orders will meet immediately. Instagram works at the same time. I never placed a paid advertisement. You know, I’m moving slowly. I’m conservative. I don’t build anything on debt, I only invest when my pension, I want to do business responsibly, it suits me.

And when it comes to salon or illustrations, I always come out of my dream. Mm dui folk artist. And even if my dream was absolutely out of trend, I would still be behind it.

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