Some people don’t like going to work. He gave only because they had no choice. And then there are those who have made their business a business and can make a living from it. Like you, Radka Kudrnov from Neratovice.

Radka loved her from an early age, she didn’t go out of her dolls naked. She graduated in industrial engineering, then the textile faculty of the University of Liberec and started a business in the field. Today I have an online store, thanks to him I can work from home and do not have to share time between business and family.

When did you say that your products are so good that someone else could walk in them?
I tried to sell nuns and handbags to the dog from high school to college. Then I sold a loose skirt for sale, which was very popular. It was such a groundbreaking model for me, by the way, I still live it today. Also five days a week I took orders at the dormitory in Liberec and at the weekend I took them out at home. It was bullshit, but I shot it for two years.

Did you finish the bike and throw yourself into business to the fullest?
Yes, I wanted to have my own e-shop where I would only sell my originals. I just didn’t have a day of experience, so I sold out strangers. I didn’t enjoy it for a long time, I went back to the original mistake and specialized only in dresses and skirts of my own production.

Isn’t it limited?
It turns out it is. So I started to give you things: T-shirts, Turkish pants, jackets, mdn accessories, but the sign was taken, so I left it.

Was it difficult to start your own online store?
Not at all. I issued a business certificate at the wheel and it was not possible to start an e-shop. Today you have templates for everything, it is easy to load hundreds of products there. Sloitj is to invent a good product and be able to sell it.

Is it about the original mdu?
Sometimes I can do it, other times h, but it hasn’t happened to me in those years that I would ever be in the red. Sales fluctuate, not even the season can not be relied on: one spring is sold, he gave no. Perhaps the only things of the night are almost a period when I really don’t stop.

Vyuvte sociln st?
Yes, people look at the audience of the company, also you on Facebook with two photos, I look at them in all my friends, or videos of how children help me.

Have you never come across the bottom of the rated rating?
It’s strange, but not yet. Prkrt, with the customer, we noticed you on the fly, which I did not notice, but we were always able to agree on a remedy. Sometimes someone doesn’t pick up a good one, I also feel good, but it happens minimally.

Do you not become customers that your products are expensive? Where can I afford a thousand?
It is clear that Lidl or Kik will always be cheaper than not. But even if people still look at the price, they hear about the production run and the Czech product.

to the fact that Internet customers are still nronj…
sten it is so. When some kurr do not receive the goods until the next day and two and in the package, in addition to the order, they do not find a kite to buy, they are dissatisfied. But on the other hand, when it is honored from the e-shop that it lovk dl rd, customers will hear about it and appreciate it.

Didn’t you think about selling off the internet?
I will deliver to two stone shops and drive to regional markets. Since the birth of children, the market nesthm astji not two times a year. It’s a lot of logistics, it needs to be prepared in advance, then unpacked again, it’s not just that day in town. But there is a very small group of customers who meet young people who want original clothing.

Who is pro vs competition?
Of course, the production of clothing is equal to the volume of production, he also had handmade e-shops similar to the mum. Only if we sell the originals, we are also more inspired than not to climb into the green.

How do you need talent for your job?
I definitely need creativity when exchanging new models and livelets. Stubbornness, because I personally inspect all products. And last but not least, I also like the organization of skills in different work.

How is your collection created?
I follow trends and get inspired by them. I come up with a collection, somehow I confirm that I’m going the right way, then I go for a long time. Sometimes I get stuck because I find out that I don’t like it, or that I chose the wrong material. But at the same time I have to be done in advance, when the first weather comes. Also in December I go to spring and summer, but at that time again shnj materials.

Vechno sthte t pln sama?
U no, I hired an external fellow co-worker from the neighborhood to help me. I was a song during their selection, I just have to hit them, because there are not many good fads.

Do business from home, you have a factory and a studio here on your heels. Pomm vm manel with business?
Manel is, among other things, a great listener and assistant. I mean, evo suknch vc, ne si si pl. But it’s a good idea to honor me as a guy if he turns around for such a skirt.

Where do you see your company in ten years?
I like that he had them with a personal approach to customers, I would not want a large factory. But I would like to give it away to give it to employees. It would be nice to fully devote yourself fully to the design of new models. Because now I change the strokes, buy materials, take pictures, two on the web, process orders, pack them and send them, take care of the shopping service, advertising… He would give a helper, because the packages just have to leave you.

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