First they made bark, then cars in which the tick and famous artists rode. Thanks to Sodomkm, Vysok Mto later became one of the largest European bus production centers.

Josef Sodomka star was born in 1865 as the son of a krupae in Kroun in the Hlinec region and got around. At first he worked for his master in Choltice, later he went on an experience and elsewhere, so he worked in a bark factory in Jihlava.


There, in one feed, he became fond of his widow, who sold a tasty bike. He married here and at first her name was helped by the newlyweds to buy in Vysoke Mt had a house with a large garden and unstoppable surroundings.

In this town Sodomka founded and operated for a long time for the production of cor. Ten years later, there was a factory called the First Entrance Steam Engine Manufacturing by J. Sodomek. Choice of bark, bryky, landaurs, necks, sledges and various carriages. Sodomka was the first to start the production of steam engines. Before the First World Wolf, it was a large company with several boards of employees, the director of the Higher Regional Museum Ji Junek.

First the disease, then the cars

Josef Sodomka star had to deal with the wounds. Many people of this family died of tuberculosis. This is the case with Josef Sodomka’s old man, both of his wives and some of his children, adds Ji Junek. This sickness passed the son Josef, who was born in 1904 and had to watch how his father’s factory went bankrupt due to the departure of employees to the fronts of the First Worlds of Wolves and the gradual entry of motoring.

Only cars have a future, Josef Sodomka told his young father. And when he got out of practice at the Laurin & Klement company in 1925, he made the first car body in that year in a high-rise factory, then with 14 lengths.

Carroserie for a British family, a convertible for Werich

The company started to produce expensive and useful bodywork. The year 1928 became a historic milestone, when Sodomka produced the last bus and the first bus. Interest on buses at the end30. and during the 1940s it rose sharply, foreshadowing the later rushes of Karosa and Iveca.

In this sense, the day of the High Mta cannot be imagined without the Sodomk family. In passenger cars, the young Sodomka focused on a rich clientele with an offer of elegant models. He designed and manufactured a custom-made aerodynamic body inspired by the shape of a drop.

The Carroserie Sodomka logo became the flagship of the Czechoslovak body. Her customers included a British royal family, a Persian, a businessman, descendants of noble families and prominent artists. The Aero 50 drove the president’s wife Hana Beneová, and the Tatra 52 convertible was bought by Jan Werich.

Sodom’s nadasov aesthetically pleasing bodies were created not only on Aero, Tatra, Walter, Praga and koda chassis, but also on Bugatti, Rolls-Royce, Studebaker, Packard Lancia and others. How to remember the plaque of a house on a high-altitude town: Its elegant bodies have won a number of domestic and foreign awards and are still a testament to the maturity of the Czechoslovak automotive industry.

Sodomek combined both technical and managerial skills. He used to work with his father, he graduated from the state master round in the field of bicycles in Kaperskch Horch, he was also handy, he also went through other companies. At the same time, he was a hunter with invention, he was able to use modern procedures and he was able to choose a capable worker, to Ji Junek.

Vniv sokol, which the people were relying on

The company Carosserie Sodomka thus produced coaches, the first Czech caravans, ambulances, mobile cars and gliders, and was extremely successful in the competition of the then 307 car bodies throughout the country.

In addition, its owner was a natural authority in the city of his business. Firstly, because he had a very good relationship with employees, but also because he was seen in the life of the city. Among other things, he was an avid falcon and supported the air force, for wolves and resistance activities. The public saw him not only as a capable comrade, but as a good hunter.

Those who worked for him are sodomites. Urit were proud to be able to work for his company. Whenever a craftsman who worked for two companies, he really mastered his craftsmanship. They married him as a hunter who was able to work for them and pay for her for a while, said Sodomkv’s grandson Petr Dvok.

This was the morning of Josef Sodomka Jr.’s accession to the dictatorship of one party. After being born in 1948, the Communists did not dare to immediately remove the powerful and at the same time popular exploiter, so he was able to serve as director for two years.

Married, losing ptel and finally resigning

In 1951, Sodomka was arrested and charged with conspiracy against nationality, machinations and suspected confessions. He spent two years in prison and pt msc. Perhaps it was not so hot that after returning home to him, a number of people did not report, he could not return to his factory. His life was a lot and a full shot, a museum contractor.

He found a test technician at the Liaz company in the far Munich Hraditi in the Mladá Boleslav region, and the paradox of the time was the fact that this man, who made luxury cars, came to it with his full-length Velorex insignia. When he fidgeted, he thought he might be in trouble, but he didn’t. He resigned later. And while his father died just before the Second World Wolf at the age of 74, Josef Sodomka was young at the age of six.

In June, the Sodomkovo Vysok Mto festival was launched in June in honor of a prominent family under the cadon of the Vysokomtsk Regional Museum and Society of Carosserie Sodomka. An exceptional design of Sodom’s bodies, including the famous Aero 50 Dynamik, can be seen in the local Body Museum.

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