According to them, the savings bank will help its clients with the new product Spoc investin et client to decide between savings and mutual funds. The combination of a bank here and a conservative fund may not be very lucrative.

The novelty from Potovn spoitelna, like all products combining bank deposits and investment products, is intended for conservative investors who do not want to risk anything. Bn investors are two changes with the dark, because in short the bank can not expect an interesting entry and especially do not get even in this case.

The minimum investment of 30,000 crowns at Spocm investinm here is divided into two. On spoc st zam 20 000 K, to podlovho fund UNDER Jitnho rstu (sold by SOB as SOB Chrnn fond), which makes an investment, then has 10,000 K. The tax here is not charged a daily fee.

Where are pensions valued?
Retirement pensions are 2% per annum with a monthly subscription and pay a one-month notice period. The advantage of the novelty is therefore the rate that the company currently offers to its clients in comparison with their Spotm tem (maximum 0.9% ron). The minimum mandatory balance on the computer is 1000 K. Other regular stays are at least 500 crowns. These are first written on the budget and if they cross the limit of 20,000 K, they are directives on the investment. Therefore, the client may not influence the amount of resources in individual components.

The investment is made up of the SOB Jitnho rstu protection fund. The protected fund invests most of its resources in portfolio fund into conservative fixed instruments and the rest is invested in shares (equity funds) or in derivative products. The ratio of risky and non-risky instruments is changing over time, with the Jitný rst fund investing 60 60% in risky funds. The small risk of the component ensures the protection of funds and the investor can be sure that the fund’s price will not fall below 90%. In the case of the mentioned fund, this so-called floor is adjusted to each msc, if the fund achieves a positive performance during that time. The entry fee to the fund is 0.5% within Spocho investinho, the entry fee is free of charge.

It is far from perfect
Spoc investin et find its clients. There is practically no regular, flawless product on the market, and banks see one of the options for scoring new clients between the various variants, and still represent maximum security for their bank deposits. They will not lose their ninety-interesting percentages in the mutual fund either, and at the same time they have a profit, not a common account here. It is obvious that some conditions within Spocho investinho are better here than with the single product itself.

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Invest in commodities and in me

The newest variant is the bag of the first fund. If the bank wanted to combine Spoc et with a suitable year and share the fund so that it saw new clients looking for a new product, where not all funds will be only in the fund, it could choose a fund offering growth potential. He would lpe the bed of dynamic verses.

The protection fund itself is designed as a product for conservative investors in that it reduces the risk of loss. Its growth potential is limited, as the equity component makes up a maximum of 60% of the portfolio (in addition, it is an actively managed fund of funds, their biggest weakness may be your total costs).

It is still said that domestic investors are more conservative. The banks themselves offer them products that combine safe banking products with conservative investment products. Combining conservative with conservative somehow makes sense. A reasonable investment, which is interestingly appreciated, will avoid Spocmu investim here, as well as other products that combine investments with banks, avoiding a big arc.

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