Compare the data that you had for the year with the business with the paula on which your business category is entitled, and choose whether paul or factory. Simple advice, but how do you spend the tax you have to pay to your account?

Opt vm pomhme s danmi

■ sette vechny sv podnikatelsk pjmy

■ deduct from them the data you have made so far, also include the tasks for social and health insurance, social and health insurance, and in Paul

■ odette vdaje od pjm

■ compare the amount you earned with what you would have to pay if you used paula (take into account that farmers can dream their income by 80 percent, craftsmen by 60, other tradesmen by 50 percent, those who do business according to special prescription and did not increase the allowance by 40 percent)

■ decide to tax the tax that is not

■ In the event that you co-operate with the manager (the so-called co-worker) in the company, divide the resulting profit (you can halve) and keep track of each special

■ years to go from home to housing, paid life insurance and pension benefits and gifts, if you have provided anything, the result is a tax deposit

■ Sweat da according to the table

■ from the tax deductible discount, in 2006 it is 7200 per person as a taxpayer, 4200 if the husband or wife does not own an income (the so-called dependent person) and 6000 crowns per dependent child

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