pensioners will receive pensions from January 2020. All types of pensions will be valorised, ie not only old-age, but thus disabled, widowed, widowered and orphaned. You do not need data from the outside, it will take place automatically.

The average old-age pensioner, who now receives 13,426 crowns, will improve by 900 crowns and his pension will rise to 14,326 crowns. Indeed, the bag is badly based on the current level of retirement. Pensions are valued by half the growth of relative wages and the growth of prices.

For 90% of pensioners, the outside will be in the range of 668 and 1,137 crowns. The valorised pension will receive a pensioner from the January installment of the pension, to Kateina Brodsk from the press department of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

Your retirement rate will rise, which is the same for everyone. At the same time, the percentage of the number of years worked will increase and so will the debt.

The base amount will increase from CZK 3,270 by 220 crowns from this year, and in 2020 it will rise to 3,490 crowns. The percentage of interest will be 5.2 percent plus an additional amount of 151 crowns.

If the conditions for entitlement to pay more than the pension are met, the additional amount of CZK 151 will be added only once to the percentage of the pension, which will be paid in full, Kateina Brodsk is approaching.

The specific pilepen will therefore be individual. In principle, those who have a high pension will receive something more, not those who have a low pension. For example, those who have a pension of 4,000 crowns will get 409 crowns. Those who now have 20,000 crowns, pid stt to retire 1,241 crowns. Pr stokorunnavc therefore gets a cad. For the idea of ​​a pinme orientan table.

Who will receive pensions from January 2020 and by how many crowns
Douch 2019End 2020
4 0004 409
5 0005 461
6 0006 513
7 0007 565
8 0008 617
9 0009 669
10 00010 721
11 00011 773
12 00012 825
13 00013 877
14 00014 929
15 00015 981
16 00017 033
17 00018 085
18 00019 137
19 00020 189
20 00021 241
Source: MLSA, data in K

Valorisation will apply to all pensions granted before 1 January 2019. If a decision is issued in the course of 2020, but the pension will be credited back from the date falling to 2019, then this pension will also be valorised from January 2020.

If the date from which the pension is due falls within January 2020, then there will be no valorisation. For the calculation of such income will be used elements that apply to the calculation of income granted from the date falling to 2020, for example, reducing the limit for setting the deposit base for 2020.

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