The propota models are revealed by alarming at first. Thousands of self-employed and small entrepreneurs who pay only minimal contributions to social security will have a very low income. Only less than 5,500 crowns, which is 2,400,000 less than for employees who worked for the minimum wage.

It is not easy to get to know the pensions in the Czech Republic and only an expert can estimate the future pension. In cooperation with the Czech Social Security Administration, we tried to find out who will have your income. Whether the one who ventures and pays a minimum pension, or the one who is employed has only a minimum wage.

ivnostnk versus zamstnanec

As an example, we took the business of Mr. Podnikavho, who managed to make a living throughout his active life (in 1986, 1989, he carried out his activity in the composition of a licensed national committee, since 1990 the company on a trade license). And because he didn’t miss much about his future pension, he paid only minimal contributions during his active economic life.

We have tried to compare the pension of Mr. Podnikavho with the future pension of the employee, Mr. Mr. Laborit. He did not have the courage to do business and as an employee he achieved only a minimum wage throughout his active life. In both model cases, we met with the fact that Mr. Pracovit and Mr. Podnikav gained the same total of 42 years of insurance.

In the case of self-employed persons, it is necessary that she was compulsory for the entire period of her pension activity, even in the years when participation in pension insurance was obligatory, only if the self-employed person reached a specified income, to Jan Buraov.

There are no days excluded in the proposals, which usually have a slightly positive effect on income. Thus, the period during which the so – called social event lasted without pay (for example, the period of temporary incapacity for work, the period of temporary invalidity pension for the third degree of invalidity, the period of childcare up to three years of age or care of a vertical person, etc.)

These are model treasures, Jana Buraov emphasizes. The result is nevertheless alarming and the business sent a warning at first. The OSV pension, which paid the minimum contributions, will be very low.

Mr. Mr. On the other hand, Mr. Pracovit, who was employed and received only a minimum wage, will receive a pension of more than 7,898 crowns. In our model example, OSV will receive a pension that will be CZK 2,411 per month compared to an employee with a minimum wage. The average old-age pension in the Czech Republic is at 11,075 crowns.

The replacement base has a drastic impact on the calculation of pensions

How is it mon? Simply because the same rules do not apply to employees and employees for social security contributions and the calculation of income. Unlike employees, whose income is calculated on the basis of gross income, OSV considers income to be calculated on the basis of retirement, ie the benefits from which the pension insurance was paid, Jana Buraov explains.

How are the average old-age pensions in R
Prmrn ve in KK 31.12. 2013K 31.12.2014
total10 97011 075
hood12 15012 259
eny9 95510 050
Zdroj: SSZ

In addition, self-employed people will be expected to be active and decide for themselves whether and by how many crowns they will pay contributions so that the future pension is not just an almunition.

OSV has the opportunity to wind up this remover according to its purpose. Each OSV is assessed in a certain exchange base, because various factors can influence its decision-making. For example, the age of the entrepreneur and the number of years of business, whether and with what income he also gained employee employment and the like, notes Jana Buraov.

However, it is necessary that the pension system is very complicated for us and only a few people know the details and the very offer of old-age pensions. Therefore, a number of self-employed and small entrepreneurs cannot estimate at all how much to retire to make it worthwhile. It is optimal to consult in a specific situation at the district administration of social security, where employees explained to people what and to what extent they have an influence on their specific case in the future, I like to speak SSZ.

As he adds, reimburse the levies just a flight before the pension is not accepted. The decisive period for which income for retirement is taken into account is 1986. For people retiring this year, it therefore covers 29 years, for retirement, income from 1986 to 2014 is taken into account. two years before the award of the pension, it does not have to have a pronounced effect on his faith, Jana Buraov emphasizes.

And what should the employee take into account when deciding whether and by how many crowns to increase the levy so that the pension is not extremely low? According to experts, it is optimal to determine the exchange rate between about 11 thousand and the average wage, which is now 27,020 crowns. It is generally believed that the entrepreneur should realize that the deposit is in terms of pension insurance own wage. If the recovery fund is set to a minimum of vi, it is as if he has earned 6,653 crowns a month, he speaks.

If you want to think about the back of the collection, you have the opportunity to create your own pension reserve during your business and not to rely too much on a pension.

Create your own pension reserve?

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