At a time of minimal unemployment, the company attracts new colleagues for interesting benefits. One of them may be the possibility of sleep on the job. It increases productivity and keeps people happy. You just can’t bother with a long rest.

During today, the famous Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla or Thomas Alva Edison went to see each other. According to many studies, siesta at work promotes productivity and stimulates your spirit. That is why we already see companies that offer their employees benefits as a benefit.

I first met the sleep during the day while studying at Yale University. My co-workers were accustomed to studying, working and playing sports seven days a week, so as not to go from seven in the morning to one in the morning. I didn’t understand how they were able to handle it. So he drank to me that every day I go to the room for half an hour back. They explained to me that sleeping in the evening is one of the reasons and that is one of the reasons why they have so much energy, said Robert Nmec, owner of an advertising agency, who expanded the offer of employee benefits.

When he returned to the Czech Republic and started a business, he honored that he was often dead between five and seven o’clock and did nothing. But when he sleeps at all times, I have from seven to full amounts of energy. In our cracked offices there was always a kind of couch and in Brno there was one and then a kind of sleeping bag. So I decided to get some sleep in the office, to Nmec.

Better to work one hundred percent not a dozen

At first, only his photos appeared in the company’s internal magazine. Then he started talking to his colleagues about it. I explained to them how healthy and appropriate it was, and most importantly, it was clear that it was in the horseshoe. Because the people were back in the office. But today it is considered a natural possibility for the agency, adds Robert Nmec, according to him, the classic working hours from nine to five hours do not respect the fact that I have a different chronobiology, which is also affected by external influences.

Instead of the hunt working for 30% of those hours, it’s better to spend an hour and then work and focus 100%. I see it in co-workers who are non-owls, that they have a taste and are able to work very intellectually until ten in the evening, but in the afternoon they have to sleep. In the future, we fulfill a reserved room for sleep, add Nmec.

According to psychologist Dalibor, the pin is a lot of pleasure at work. It increases the efficiency, productivity and responsiveness of employees, reduces their stress, and thus the risk of errors, conflict breeding and once. Until a lot of study. And then it increases the long-term satisfaction of employees and thus reduces the company’s costs for morbidity and employee turnover, because a satisfied employee, of course, in the company according to vydr, k.

Such a bonus is a positive part of the company’s image, which is of great interest to you. Zvlt mlad lid. This is a bonus that costs the employer almost nothing.

Reserving one room with lightweight or even just mats is incomparably cheaper in terms of profitability than many other common benefits, their significance is lower for long-term everyday satisfaction. They have the most experience with this type of rest during work in Japan, but I think it is gradually spreading elsewhere. Let’s hope that a similar approach to employees will expand in our country, according to.

Ideln is full

Roman Urban from the consulting company Dhora took Netradin’s benefit for a while. Companies that offer this benefit to their employees have a certain amount of time. However, it should really only be about a maximum of twenty minutes. Part of the light with him illuminating the other, on the contrary, we are more attenuated, to Roman Urban.

To ensure that the stopper is not for more than an hour, experts recommend that you take a medicine before falling asleep. Caffeine stimulates the body, but and after about twenty minutes after consumption, ie before the end of the urn. After waking up, the awakened employee’s sense of light increases.

And when is ideln jt spt? Wrong about how many hours we work. If we get into the morning, we should have a loaf around one hour. If we take the example of a nine, we should not confuse the two in three.

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