Although it is not considered a second drink in our country, business arrests in this field are not easy. How did the hunter, who was discouraged from everyone’s business, deal with it, and what better than the competition?

How did it start with your business in the sale of bulk, Mr. Star?
Npad to sell and it didn’t come out of my head. One beautiful July afternoon in 2007, I received an offer to work on the Mighty Leaf project. At that time, I was grateful, and due to the fact that I was very good at it, I was on offer. However, I did not know at all what I could, I only knew the signs and goals of founding a company of imported products and wellness products.

But then I wanted to do business in a field that is very closely associated with a healthy lifestyle, it will be interesting and for me beneficial from the point of view to gain a variety of experience. The driving force behind the desire was to prove to my surroundings, which took the helplessness of this project (thanks to the spread of competition created mainly by financially strong and stable companies established on the Czech market), that I was able to achieve my goal, although the conditions were not twice favorable.

How far are you related to this field? If not, where did you learn in need?
I graduated from the industrial engineering wheel of mechanical engineering, according to I continued at BUT, but after a year I finished. I realized that this field does not give me what I would like and the possibility of self-realization in nm is zero for me. The exchange of both rounds is completely unrelated to what long, and I do not need information acquired during my studies to do business in this area. First, I would say the same round of business for me was more than a year of experience in the company, dealing with the provision of business information, which I joined as a product manager.

I don’t think that business needs the longest distance. Wrong on personal approach, desire and conviction and, among other things, on my intelligence and abilities. To start working on this project, I needed to develop my knowledge in IT due to changes in the operating system, which did not cause me much trouble. What I had to learn and still know is, for example, communication with people, presentation and business skills, skillful expression, pressure, negotiation and the like.

What did you have to go through in order to load?
Unlike other entrepreneurs, I had it simple. The hunter who financed the project followed me. Over time, especially with the growing personal belief in the rush of these traits, I began to finance ancillary costs from my own resources, which in turn limited me to the assets I wanted to devote myself to. I don’t mean anything noble, it was a non-life in me.
The worst were probably the first two months of business activity.

I went to 56 once a day and I didn’t sell anything the whole time. At one point, I was really desperate, it had a rather negative effect on my youth, and when he woke up for me, it was a matter of letting me get out of bed and continue the activity, which, however, did not generate any results.

So I celebrated the first order patina. In my arrests, I got into a situation where I had to get a financial amount from the bank. Goods from the USA arrived and I had it stored for the first time on the fly due to time constraints. And later I found out that the warehouse would cost about 2,500 K for one day, and at the moment when I really needed to pick up the goods, the customs office first refused to release it to me without immediate payment of the warehouse. He was the only one who offered himself from the bank at that moment.

Due to the overall increase in competition in this area, it was relatively difficult to find a way to differentiate. The uniqueness of the product processing and the characters did not seem to be sufficient, so I was forced to offer something. First, I had to analyze the current situation and submit to the first above standard. I wouldn’t say it was really weaving, but it still cost me.

So what is dark above standard?
This is an individual processing tabletalker (“table squadrons), their format, form and structure will be designed by the customer, or he will consult with me and then create a graphic design, one of which the customer decides on. Mostly it is a paper format 210 x 99 mm, laminated for durability. Finln tabletalkers completely harmonize with the design of the surrounding environment and in perfect harmony.

How much did you have to invest in the start-up? Do you have your own storage space or are you renting?
The total cost of starting a business in this area was about 400,000 K, but as I stated, I did not pay them j. My investment was strength, determination, vdr. So, as for my deposit, I have invested about 50,000 K in market research, warehousing, telephone and other fees.

We own the warehouse space, namely the apartment in which I live. Its living area is 130 m2. External storage would increase the cost and thus keep it handy.

The packaging of individual and other names is a matter of importance of the central company and we as distributors cannot interfere in their form in any way.

V em je v aj lep ne jin?
In the first place, it is only the total number of items that are included in the warehouse. Before recently, the people were able to inquire about the quality of all their flakes in the form of loose tea. With increasing time constraints and demands for a healthy lifestyle, this time requires a combination of minimal time requirements with first-class quality. ajov sky Mighty Leaf were designed to be able to hold the first whole ajov flakes and give run collection of ingredients. This will provide the best alternative to bulk preparation and maintains the required quality and minimum preparation time.

We can find the difference in a single organic processing. Materials such as pure silk, cereal starch and unbleached cotton are used for the production of wood. First of all, the customer can be sure that he drinks only a certain mixture without any other chemicals. This is a competitive advantage for us.

Not worried about declining sales in hot summer months?
Personally, I am convinced of the ability to cool the body and drive away the feeling of sound better than any cold sweetening of the limon. In addition, u not only seasonal importance. It also occupies a still strong position compared to chemical limonds and in the first period of the summer mainly for its ability to have a very positive effect on healthy skin. Therefore, I have no worries about dreaming of sales volume.

How do you actually look for sales?
Based on the experience we have gained, the most effective is a personal meeting in conjunction with a sophisticated virtual presentation, samples and prepared arguments. Of course, I will also use other means to address the customer, such as direct marketing activities, but due to the lack of popularity of these methods, I cannot compare their effectiveness with personal meetings. I am thus working on being addressed through a new communication channel, which I will not use as before, but I will not mention them for the time being.

Have I ever had the biggest problems, worries?
The biggest and lasting concern is to find a set of matching characters. There are a lot of ajov on the market, their appearance is bag average and they are not interested in them. This set is based on the resulting impression of the character, so the requirements for its design are really high.

What made you most happy about your practice in business?
My greatest joy has always given me a completely unexpected level of sales. That is why my customer is a little skeptical about the sales force and does not react to my assurance in any way. Many of them sweat literally grounded in the interest in products for characters.

How will the future of the company be, what is new?
In the future, we are going to expand our offer for other types, wellness products with organic tea and other ingredients, not least as sprinkles. Due to the effects of gastronomy in the field of gastronomy, the goal for this year is to start sales in the retail sector, its demand will increase daily. At the moment of exhausting the potential of the domestic market, we are going to enter foreign markets, which is a matter of several years of development.

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