Poas hated, but the global stock markets brightened the TV into a big smile. In our country, too, Panlsk blood awoke in the investors and they tapped the straws.

They emptied a billion of them, which was given only once this year thanks to a special SOB private banking event. The fact is that in this week we will cover the entire amount of over 200 million crowns Max 9, which was actually sold during the week.

The area of ​​fixed income develops stably in terms of yields, ie bond funds, which exceed me as much as money market funds. Only the so-called convergence moment is a bit more, but only due to the new risk / return. The outflow from the bond fund lost its intensity and the spit into the pennies follows the development of the stock market in a negative correlation. This is quite understandable, in time this connection will go even further. The walls dilute the investor’s dilemma: the problem is usually not what to sell (with profit, of course), but where to retire with them?

At the moment, the whole segment is out of the ordinary, if not for the apartment: a negligible 50 million of bonds, go to me into cash funds. However, what gets into the center is the value of reserves, ie the product of life insurance. The majority is still capital (IP is a relatively new product): in terms of the volume of reserves in the insurance industry, there is 180 billion crowns, of which only 19 billion in investment (where the investment risk is borne by the client).

Also, what did the insurance companies and the 160 billion do? Looking at the performance of the bond, TM is quite a win in 2.4%. Although, how much is the gain at 2.5% inflation? How’s that client?

Akciov Bonanza
Markets have indeed swept away from pedjarn corrections and suspicions. Sri Growth sessions will have records, with our number reaching magical 7, Wall Street has the best weekly performance in the last three years. For example, the Dow Jones, for example, is almost 2% close to the Norwegian highs, but only 16 hundred times the PX.

All funds are on fire in the suits. The week shifted from 0.5%, the stock from 1% and the other stars of both categories is J&T Opportunity with 3.74% power and among the shares of ISS Top Stock with 3.94%.

Our shares were not left behind and ING esk shares helped by 3.6% and ISS Sporotrend by 3.5%. Who for a while stl

The shift funds raised 150 billion crowns, of which IKS Fnix did not slow down with 50 million crowns. The change J&T Opportunity with 75 million crowns set off for the finals. So, after all, our decision and not to have 32 million real estate clones would not be decided, there would be far as optimism.

Equity funds, on the other hand, jumped out of the box and 320 million is a clear record this year. It rose mainly with 70 million ISS Sporotrend, 45 added ING esk shares, pknch vc no 30 million acquired Pioneer shares. A clear boost was real estate owners, where SOB Real Estate alone contributed 54 million and S-Reico real estate more than 30 million crowns.

Busy boredom
The changed 214 million crowns of Max 9 topped the spit to almost 550 million. Neither pesto is a reversible or surprising amount. The popularity of the hare is stabilizing, and some of them shoot out a bit more this time with 75 million SOB Reverse Click 7, but the rest of the squirrels are still at 20 and 50 million, as they once burled on the Russian river. They are upstream, who are just hitchhiking on the Czech mainstream: I want to enter, but without risk!

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