If you change your mind about the mortgage and do not use it in the end, I will be very surprised if the bank sent it to the urn et ur. If you want to take your mortgage even after just a few days, a number of banks will expect huge penalty fees for early repayment.

And these can be very high in the case of a new, unused heater. Specifically, these sanctions are based on the early repayment of deposits, and some banks in them also take into account the long time missing until the end of the fixed period. Therefore, if someone repays the entire mortgage immediately after it has been used up, when you have even ten years before the end of the period of error correction, I will be forced to drink it very expensively. For a long shot of two million mortgages, I can pay you a million, in some cases even more. At the same time, these penalty fees vary greatly between banks, as the following table shows.

Penalty fees for early repayment of a mortgage loan made during a fixed period (unless previously agreed in the contract)
Bankin the extraordinary installment fee
BAWAG Bank2% of the temporary payment, at least 5,000 K
esk spoitelna500 K
SOB, Hypoten banka, Citibank, Potovn spoitelna 5% of the outstanding installment for each year beginning before the end of the validity of the rate years. (The total percentage rate of the outstanding installment is calculated as a multiple of the number of years before the end of the validity of the rate years and in the amount of the percentage rate.)
Mortgage with fixation agreed for the entire duration of the year:
– 15% of the outstanding installment (up to 50% agreed in the year)
– 25% of the extraordinary installment (over 50% agreed in the year)
GE Money Bank5% by the end of the year period from the early repayment of the principal
HVB Bank(Client rate Discount rate), min. 1%.
mBankfree of charge
Raiffeisenbank10% of the volume is temporarily repaid
Volksbank0.25% of the early repayment of the fee for each early repayment of the remaining funds until the end of the rate fixation
Wstenrot hypoten banka10% of the repaid year

Source: Banks

Someone should return a new mortgage

The case when the client wants to drill a new and first used mortgage will be a small amount in practice. This could happen, for example, when the buyer later finds out some technical and the first defect in the acquisition of real estate, for which he will buy his mind. It could be a case where the debt gets into financial problems at the moment when it is exhausted, and it will not be able to afford to pay the mortgage. Pekka can arise on the part of the current property owner.

When buying, the funds often do not go directly to the seller, but, for example, to a bank account and to a bank account. They remain there until the conditions agreed in the purchase contracts are not met. Usually, the payment of the funds is delayed until the property in the cadastre is written by the owner first to the new owner. There will be some time between the exhaustion of the mortgage, when the pensions leave the bank for the purpose, and the moment when they are actually transferred to the seller. And during n theoretically some problem can always appear.

It is better to find another property

Drilling a mortgage is an extreme and very inappropriate way to do it. If the cause of the problem is financed real estate, it is advisable for the debtor not to return the mortgage, but to agree with the bank that he will find another real estate, he will use it for financing.

And until the moment, erpn is not a big problem

When a bank will follow its rules in similar situations, it will often be an individual case. Mostly wrong with the condition of the mortgage at the time of its cancellation. If the applicant decides to arrange a mortgage at the time when the jet did not sign the credit agreement, it will be only the administrative fees that it has incurred, for example, for estimating the price of real estate. If her contract is signed, which means that she has been paid a fee for processing mortgages, she will have to deal with the fact that this fee will not be refunded. In practice, it most often ranges between eight and thirty thousand crowns, depending on the heat.

The problem is in the situation when it was reached, ie when the funds of the bank were sent from the bank. Then you have to deal with the variant that the bank will ask the castle for a code to change the business first in the form of a fee for early repayment.

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