Disabled pensioners who retired due to sick leave have been financially discriminated against since January. Since January, the government has guaranteed them no minimum wage for healthy employees. And the rising minimum wage to these people paradoxically reduced the rents paid to them by insurance companies to match previous debts. And by hundreds of crowns.

This financial discrimination was pointed out to the iDNES.cz editorial office by the one who did not pay for his name. Two worked in the same operation, due to the long-term hardening of the upper limbs, he ended up in a disability pension due to a sick leave. As a result of the employer’s insurance policy, he was entitled to an annuity, which would match his previous average debt.

I turn to everything with a problem that affects all people, they were granted a pension for sick leave, the editor of a disabled pensioner wrote.

Since January, the Czech insurance company has told him that it will receive a lower pension than in the previous year, paradoxically due to the fact that the minimum wage for the disabled was increased from 8,000 crowns to 9,300 crowns this year.

that this is not a mistake, the insurance company itself confirms. Simplified, compensation for loss of wages is determined by deducting from the wage that the victim achieved before the occurrence of the code (eg before granting a disability pension for a sick leave) a wage that reaches the current and eventual disability pension. The result is then damaged as a replacement for the code, explains Ivana Burinkov, a spokesman for the insurance company.

According to the week, they can change in all sewers that enter the annuity, and in practice they actually happen to me.

How to enter the pension refund:

  • The input debt is increased through the so-called valorization. It is determined by the name of the government. The last valorization was 40 K.
  • Equal disability pensions subject to valorisation and the last valorisation of disability pension was equal to 40 K.
  • The amount of damage that reaches the damage after a disability pension changes. If the damaged person works, then in his debt it changes, for example, as a result of the wage paid by the employer.
  • It happens that the employee does not have a suitable employee. In such a case, it is kept in the records of the work series. In this situation, the work stipulates, among other things, that the preserved working potential is taken into account when paying for compensation for loss of debt, so that the minimum wage is considered to be the debt of the victim. In the case of compensation for loss due to debt, the current minimum wage is always considered, even at a lower price.

The last situation concerns our shadow. According to lkask, at first he could work three hours a day, but he didn’t get the bottom work. The notion of the new annuity will thus include a fictitious payment of more than half of the minimum wage set by the government (1/2 of 9,300 K = 4,650 K). With the growth of the minimum wage from 8,000 crowns to 9,300 crowns in summer, it will reliably receive a lower pension.

Stt increased my disability pension by 40 crowns a month, on the other hand the insurance company reduced my annuity by 560 crowns a month, he became a disabled pensioner. Because the minimum wage increased more than the valorisation of the input debt (and also the disability pension), in practice this means that the compensation for the loss due to the debt decreased in real terms, explains Ivana Burinkov.

How to calculate his annuity: Average debt fictitious debt (in the case of the price of 4,650 K) recognized invalidity pension = since January 2016 there was a significant decrease in rents

The government’s decision to raise the minimum wage is discrimination for some and for others. For a person to be discriminated against in this way due to a thorough examination of all the consequences, which, with the exception of the minimum wage, to come up with a password, come up with a password, but so guess it would certainly not be out of the question. It is obvious that someone has to draw the government’s attention to the incompleteness of the instructions concerning the minimum wage to the disabled pensioner.

And what about this situation to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs?

The Ministry is evaluating the situation

I can say that there are various first views on this issue and the situation will be addressed and we will evaluate it. Given that this is a very complex issue, we will have to include this number of systems and at this point we will be confused about a possible change in legislation. The purpose and purpose of the first right should be to provide adequate compensation for loss due to the injured employee, as well as to treat the injured party in the same or similar first event. If the surplus of the insurance premium, which is paid by the employer due to the final insurance liability for the code in the event of work or illness due to permissible insurance, I can state that the surplus of the insurance premium is paid by these insurance companies to the state budget and therefore does not act as a dispute. iDNES.cz Minister Michaela Marksov.

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