The review of the management and efficiency of the functioning of the system should be the first and foremost task on which I would build a better debt in the Czech Republic, in an interview for from the Partners group Petr Borkovec. He explains his idea of ​​pension reform and what Czech households should do with their pensions right now.

It is becoming more expensive in many areas. According to the household, should high inflation be feared?
The rise in inflation is here. At the same time, we still see a strong demand for workers in the labor market. This is likely to push up real wages, and even inflation. The pressure to raise prices is sure to go to the rest of the economy after the accident. I wouldn’t worry about inflation. Inflation of 2.9 percent in May was actually the same value as in May for two years in recent years. In July, prices rose by 3.4 percent, as few expected. Or nobody. But even last year we were overwhelmingly over three percent.

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