The employer is unable to move the thermal summer brigades to June. The fast and reliable helpers will be the same as the table employees. Hourly wages brigdnk meziron increased in many regions, it is possible to earn 150 crowns per hour.

By offering a brigade, the employer tries not only to leave for workers on vacation, but generally to lack labor. Most temporary positions are available in manufacturing companies, stores, logistics and customer centers.

This year, the situation is complicated by very low unemployment, which was caused by a decrease in the number of people on summer jobs and seasonal work. Two of them often joined employees who could not find work in the main job, explains Jitka Soukov, marketing manager of Grafton Recruitment and added: Demand for brigades is also declining on the part of Czech students and retirees.

As with traditional wages, differences in individual regions can be observed for part-time hourly rates, but in all areas of the Czech Republic there was a growth rate of more than 10%. At the same time, a number of benefits are also offered brigdnkm, such as attendance bonus, meal vouchers and subsidized boarding. In the Ostrava region, the brigdnk bn earned 80 and 130 crowns, in Brno 90 and 130 crowns, in Prague they earn wages and 150 crowns, in the Zlín region they are up to 110, in the Liberec region up to 120 crowns and in Vysoin up to 130 crowns per hour.

Most positions are traditionally available in production, and these are production operators, as well as warehouse workers, according to retail, where they are sales assistant positions and employees who are in charge of inventories. A large number of positions can also be found in customer services, where the emphasis is on knowledge of English or another foreign language.

The seasonal work in agriculture is in full swing. Although they are still waiting for the subgenus of strawberries, they have been working in the vineyards in the Beclav region near Brigdnci since the May arrest. A lot of people didn’t like it, it’s just a furnace of physical work and for every weather, to Stanislav Novk, the owner of a family winery in Boetice.

This is not the case for two, as there are no good wages in agriculture. At least for brigds who can wash. Let’s look for brigdnky for collection, supervision and sales, hls Ondej Dostl from Prostjovsk Jahrny. The payroll is growing the fastest. For a kilo of strawberries, the brigdnk receives eight crowns. Last year, the best worker spent 230 crowns an hour, lk Dostl.

idk your bonus

Auxiliary and quiet work, service and sales, the employer prizes about a hundred per hour. But whoever adds me to a car or a forklift truck and another skill, for example, his hourly pay will be doubled. The prospect of a great deal of profit is the brigade who will stay with one employer after three months, reliable workers and those who start shifts.

At the Robert Bosch company in Eskobudjovice, which manufactures components for cars, they offer a basic salary of CZK 16,270. He gave the press a brigdnk for regular attendance, personal appraisal, non and weekend shifts. It can reach a salary and 25 thousand, the condition is to work at least one summer month in a row, to Markta not from the staff agency Trenkwalder.

You can get an interesting pension for one-off events. For example, as a short-term interpreter at conventions and conferences, people or hostesses at sales events. Zjemkyn se hls, but only a few of them are reliable and persistent, so there are still cities, to Jan Vrba, who offers the hostess in a restaurant under ikovská in Prague a tear and 140 crowns per hour.

But not cadmium, it’s about vi pays. Someone can connect me with the brigade. At the Krkonoše farm, where they breed Hucul horses, they offer first hundreds of horses per day, hostels and one free of charge. And the cousins ​​have not enough. We’ll have to turn someone down. Albta Karbusick describes a lot of people after graduation. The request is also for teachers of mini-bikes, team leaders, leaders, coaches and animators by the sea.

How to get bonuses and bonuses

If you are looking for a certain job, find out in advance what you will have to tell the employer. When working with children, your employer may require a doctor’s certificate, completion of a first aid course, pedagogical minimum, entry from the criminal record, which should not be older than four years.

When refreshing or drinking ice cream, a food order will come in handy, which will give you practical medicine. Its price ranges from 100 to 400 crowns. Trainees will need a certificate of completion of the course, while language teachers will need a certificate.

You should enter into an agreement and a contract with your employer to ensure that you actually receive your pension. In the case of an agreement on the performance of work and an agreement on work activities, it is necessary to arrange, for example, a claim for travel expenses, payments for work on Saturdays, Sundays, nights, holidays and the like, counsel Irena Valkov from the law firm Valek & Valkov. If this is not agreed in the agreements, the right to travel reimbursements or to stated payments from the agreement.

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