The number of participants in new pension funds last year rose by more than twelve percent. Due to the fact that in the transformed pension funds of the old pension connection of the vast majority of them, this is still not enough.

Supplementary pension savings (DPS) grew last year despite the crisis. At the end of the year, 1,281,406 astnk joined us. This is 12.5 percent more than in 2019 (meziron +141 972 astnk). The volume of invested pensioners in DPS last year reached 78.5 billion crowns. This is an increase of 18.4 billion crowns (meziron +30.7 percent).

The number of sweaters in the new DPS client funds by 12.5 percent is below but relatively small. In these funds, barely aunt of all future pensioners. CZK 450 billion is invested in the transformed funds of the old pension supplementary fund, explains the economist of the Partners group, Martin Mat.

According to him, most of those who are able to join a state pension will receive a supplementary pension supplement, and thus lose the value of both invested pensions and the state contribution. As a result, their kadoron reln loses inflation, says Mat.

The fact that, due to the conservative composition of the investment portfolios of the transformed funds, cannot be expected to increase over last year, inflation is also confirmed by the president of the Association of Pension Societies (APS) Ale Poklop.

I appeal to all those who have a long time to go to save the transition to the new DPS employee funds. A long-term savings can have a greater impact on the final joint than you need. These are the same for old and new funds. The transfer costs nothing, the hatch recommends.

The results of pension funds

According to the Association of Pension Societies, despite the pandemic of covidu-19, the funds of the supplementary pension fund last year valued the invested funds of the employees by around one percent, and dynamically by around six percent.

The equity funds, which bet on equities in Central Europe, where they managed to lose money in 2020, had a clear appreciation. However, this concerned only two pension funds in the Czech market.

The coronavirus year thus showed that the new funds can appreciate the resources far better than the funds of the old pension supplement, which must actually invest very conservatively, says Poklop.

The transformed funds suffer a positive appreciation of their guarantee (the value of the investment must not fall into questionable values, ed. Note). This needs to be invested very conservatively so that their share does not jeopardize the sudden fluctuation of the price of risky assets.

This means that their input deviates from the basic short-term rate set by the Czech National Bank, which for the second year last year was 0.25 percent. This input is far from sufficient to cover inflation, so the standard is guaranteed by the so-called positive zero, but inflation in 2020 alone deprived them of about 3 percent of real disputes in transformed funds, explains Martin Mat.

He adds that he does not expect how the real loss of participants in transformed funds will increase rapidly with each passing year. The situation did not improve immediately. Government bonds, in which mostly transformed funds invest, were beaten last year by extremely low yields due to the expansionary policy of central banks.

Natst se blsk na lep times and bond yields are growing. The reason is several, long-term inflation, not a real national bank, and extremely growing indebtedness of the Czech state, says economist Partners.

Last year, the total profit of the transformed funds reached 3.8 billion crowns. The exact evaluation of the pension supplement will be known and after the general meetings of the fund, which will only take place. Experts estimate that the transformed pension funds of employees will average below one percent.

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