Presentations at work in front of enthusiasts and colleagues m rd mlokdo. This is confirmed by surveys, their respondents say that they are asleep or quite bored. Only a minimum of people consider them profitable. How to prepare an unrealistic presentation here that will surprise and interest colleagues?

Na vod pr sel:

  • Presenters who use visual aids are 43% better in the persuasive audience than those who prefer the aids. This was found in a study by the University of Minority School of Management.
  • When speaking, listen to the audience only from
    7% according to words. According to psychologist Albert Mehrabian, he is in favor of a voice (38%) and a vote (55%).

And for the very creation of the presentation. How to n?

1.Attention to vbr obrzk

Two people used the main clipart in the presentation, ie a simple drawing or illustrated picture. Today, the keys are from the photo banks. Hands are reached. Therefore, definitely reject the first visual keys that fall out of the photo bank.

The image found on the foundation of the association works much better. Don’t be afraid to look for neotel pictures on free photobanks like or use your own photos for Marek Hrkal, the founder of

The most suitable image formats are: .jpg a.png. It is possible to use the currently popular .gif, but be careful with moving pictures, they can be a distraction for the attention of the audience, adds Hrkal.

2.How to work with data in a presentation

According to Hrkal, a full slide with two graphs and a lot of tables is not a sign of time. It is necessary to select the appropriate data, which requires some time. And it takes more time to analyze the data and select only the essentials.

The selection of essential information is the alpha and omega of preparing presentations. Rd this process to prepare the effects for the reduction. Clem is to evaporate the water and get the thick essence of taste. And I’m just warning. Reducing content has nothing to do with hiding and secreting unpleasant information, Hrkal recommends.

Ideal ride with one chart. Information is all about unlimited amounts. The ability to tdit this information is a skill with high added value.

3.Create a presentation sm or s nkm?

It often happens that in large companies presentations arise as dark sheets to which several slides contribute. Is there sweat? As soon as a number of people speak in the form of a presentation, the rapid decline will lead to a compact, interesting result, to Hrkal.

Preparation of a presentation according to their sport. Just as there is usually one writer, so is the presentation of one author. You don’t have to give up all the benefits of teamwork and collective creativity right away. Do not hesitate to force colleagues in the generation process.

Don’t be afraid to give them a critical review of the resulting presentation during the exam. Never take their inputs and comments 1: 1. Often they do not know the overall context, the nature of the audience or the purpose of the presentation, a number of experts.

4.Presentation versus slideument

In 2015, the British The Telegraph wrote that under the influence of smart phones do the people hit a careless attention times for a while not a goldfish. 8 seconds, which is 4 seconds less than in 2000 and secondly not in the case of a fish, Hard Hrkal, according to him, that’s why they get into the so-called slide documents.

These are presentations that are not presentations in the true sense of the word. With companies, a huge amount of interest is determined primarily by this. After a short examination, you will find out that these are in fact documents submitted for presentations. Instead of opening their word, their author started PowerPoint instead. And instead of A4 pages, it stored its contents in slides. Hence the name of the slide.

The well-conceived slide is intended to be preferred over the classic document. The information can be divided into names of units (slides), which are easier for recipients to notice. Presented software according to offers comfortable work with visuals not a text editor. And last but not least, the horizontal format slides on the screen better than the A4 format on the lid.

A problem with the slide occurs if you try to present it. While few people think of presenting documents, slides present themselves completely. And to invite colleagues to you during the presentation, understand that it wants to ask something else.

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