The end of the year means only relentless regularity: it is necessary to pay income tax. I know those who are welcome to help and do not want to invest in a tax advisor, I can use the online tax form.

Against the lot, the day has undergone several major changes. For example, there is no common taxpayer, so he taxes his income sm.

For the first time, everyone is given a single rate, namely 15 percent. The waste is therefore two pepoet according to individual income dogs.

The novelty is the outburst, which both husband and wife can make, and the other partner would not lose the opportunity to claim the tax deduction from him. In December, the deputies raised this limit from 38,040 crowns to 68,000 crowns, valid for 2008.

Dec 34

Since the public formula, a number of questions have been sent to the editorial office concerning the long tax base of claim 34. Here, a new income, and this is a difference from previous years, is the state of income with insurance, which the employer paid for the employees. The resulting competition represents a super-gross wage, which is estimated to be 15% for the first time this year.

ady accept and print forms

The tax return can be printed from the formula and transferred to the financial and black version on individual A4 sheets. “This is not a problem, as it is always a priority of the data contained in the tax return in compliance with the final requirements,” said Zuzana Chocholov from the press department of the Ministry of Finance.

According to them, the statement states the opportunity to file a tax return not only on a form issued by the Ministry of Finance, but also on other packaging forms that have data, the content and the bottom will give a total toton with the original form.

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