A number of people mistakenly believe that after a man and a wife, they will receive a pension in the same way that a person died for a young year, or just a little less. The grant of the pension is then for many a great and diverse eye, as it has an impact on the life of the elderly.

“My mother died this year. She was in retirement, msn received a pension of about 13.5 thousand crowns. Dad is also retired, his old-age pension is less than 12 thousand crowns a month. After his mother, he was granted a widow’s pension of only 2,700 crowns, he did not think that he would receive such a small pension after her death.

They are similarly similar in Czech. A number of people are talking about how the widow’s and widower’s pensions stand out and what a person actually stood for. This is confirmed by the Czech Social Security Administration (SSZ).

When will a widow’s / widower’s pension arise?

If you are a widow, it is good to know that the right to a widow’s or widower’s pension arises automatically when the husband or wife dies at work. Likewise, a claim is automatically made for him if he died in an invalidity or old-age pension.

In the case of tragic deaths, when it is not a work once, the decision on a survivor’s pension is determined by whether the farmer would be entitled to a disability pension on the day of his death. In this case, for example, the required bonding time is met. Since 2012, the right has been established even if, at the time of death, the conditions for the right to a temporary pension have been met.

How much in widow’s / widower’s pension

The widow’s and widower’s pension consists of two hundred percent and the basic amount. The basic amount of the widow’s and widower’s pension is the same as for other types of income and is determined by the law, in 2013 it is 2330 crowns. The percentage of the simplified rate is determined from the achieved lengths and the acquisition of the connection time.

“In the percentage of widow’s or widower’s pension, 50 percent of the percentage of old-age or invalidity pension for the third degree of disability for which the person had or should have died at the time of death,” points out Jana Buraov, speaking to the SSZ.

Pklad 1A widow who doesn’t retire

The woman who was widowed is working, she will not retire. Her land manager received an old-age pension, which at the time of the death was 14530 K msn, of which 12200 K was a percentage of the amount and 2330 K was the basic amount.

  • Thus, the percentage of widows’ income will be 6100 K (50 percent of 12200 K).
  • The widow’s pension will include a basic amount of 2330 K and a total of 8430 K msn.

Pklad 2A widower who doesn’t retire

He who has been a widow will not retire. His deceased wife did not take the day, she did not reach the retirement age for the retirement. The percentage in her disability pension that she would be entitled to at the time of death would be 10228 K msn.

  • The percentage of widow’s income may therefore be 50 percent of the percentage, ie 5114 K, and the basic amount is 2330 K.
  • Vdoveck dchod will mui nleet ve vi 7444 K msn.

Two situations can occur at the concurrence of a claim

If there is a concurrence of entitlements to pay the widow’s and widower’s pension and the old-age or invalidity pension, two basic situations can arise:

  1. If there is a difference in both pensions, the output is paid in full (including the base amount) and half of the percentage of the pension is paid from it.
  2. If the pension is the same in both, the half of the widow’s and widower’s pension is halved.

Pklad 3A widow who takes her old age pension

The amount of the old-age pension is 12270 K msn, of which 9940 K in percentage terms and 2330 K in basic terms. As of the date of the old manela, the earthly man’s income was 15470 K ms, of which 13140 K was the percentage and 2330 K was the basic amount.

after the manle nle widow’s pension and his half of the percentage, ie 6570 K (50 percent of 13140 K). The percentage of the old-age pension of women in 9940 K is therefore you, not the percentage of the widow’s income. Therefore, at the concurrence of income will be paid a hundred in the amount of 15555 K msn, because:

  • The percentage of the old-age pension is in full force, ie. ve vi 9940 K msn,
  • basic amount in the amount of 2330 K msn nle only once, to the old-age pension,
  • 50% of the percentage of widow’s income (ie 50% of the 6570 K percentage) and 3285 K msn.

It is good to know that since January 2012 the state has confirmed and paid the rules for the right to this pension. For example, everyone who closes a new position loses the right to a widow’s and widower’s pension. Thus, the deadline for renewing the right to a widow’s and widower’s pension was sharply shortened, from the previous five years to the current two years. A noticeable number of all those who, due to the hardness, make the payment of the survivor’s pension after the husband and wife will not renew.

Details of the conditions under which the payment of widows ‘and widowers’ pensions is suspended and in which cases the right to this pension can be renewed, therefore.

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