Do you want to tax together, but have you lived in the fear of anyone else? Please note that you are in charge of a common household.

Are you a husband with at least one child and live in the same household? Then you have met the basic conditions and you can go for the last time to divide the income in full and tax together.

Each of the spouses must fill in their passport and submit it to the financiers according to the city of permanent residence in the same period. Either by 31 March 2008, or by the end of June, if the tax advisor pays them a tax advisor.

A businessman with low incomes, who pay a minimum tax, and thus those who divide their income into cooperating persons and a salary of a flat tax, cannot force a joint tax.

Can those who have a daughter in a common household, who studied until June 2007 and earned an indefinite employment while studying? What will happen to the student discount during the holiday MSc July and August 2007?

The calculation of taxes from the common tax base of manna can only be made by manles who support at least one dependent child in the common household, and this condition must be met no later than the last day of the tax period. You did not have a bag on 31 December 2007 at dn vyivovan dt.

As far as tax benefits are available after graduation, due to the fact that your daughter worked in an employment relationship, which is very likely to involve employees in sickness insurance, then after graduation, you do not have any years of tax benefits for your daughter. A year would only be here if your daughter did not work anywhere after graduation.

Does it have to be enough to return the surcharge to the taxpayer or enough to transfer him to the castle tax at the second of the manels with a stamp?

Nemus. enough of the refund of the surcharge or its petition is exempt from the correct fees. You can submit enough directly with the completed form (it is on page 4 of the tax return) or separately.

My wife and I will be together with my wife. The tax advisor has been processed by the tax advisor for several years, and it will also be processed by 30 June. Can I submit my tax letter by March 31?

No. Both husband must file a tax return within the same term. When one of the manners cheats the tax in an extended period, this year until June 30 through a tax advisor, he must do the same. Manelka must therefore repent of his tax return in June, which means that he must have the power of attorney of the tax advisor deposited on the financial ad.

In January of this year, my husband died. We wanted to apply for a tax year together last year, we met the final conditions for application last year. Who will sign for manela daov piznn?

Filing a joint taxable person will be subject to a new law, which means that a joint taxable person may be applied even if one of the taxable persons died after the end of the tax period, if the taxable person has fulfilled the conditions for joint taxation. The tax will support the first successor of the earth, ie most likely you.

I am on maternity leave and the husband submitted a tax return for 2007 in January 2008. meme jet podat daov piznn?

As the deadline for the tax return has not expired, it is 31 March 2008, you can apply together. And so that the end of the ordinary corrective tax for the husband and the day of the tax for yourself.

We are employees and we will apply together. Do we have to register with the tax administrator?

No. The registered obligation does not apply to those who have paid income from vertical activities and income from which it is taxable at a special tax rate. Only a person who receives a permit or entitlement to conduct business or begins to operate another self-employed activity or other income subject to tax under paragraphs 8 and 10 of the Income Tax Act is obliged to file an application for registration with the financial office in the city within thirty days. permanent residence or in a city sdla company.

Mane and I were divorced in the elm. Last year we went with our minor son. In January, we filed a tax return, in which we applied joint tax. Is that right?

If you filed the tax return as a husband, that is, by the day of the divorce, you filed it within the same period, and in 2007 you met the final conditions for the application of the common tax liability, you proceeded in time.

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