Although her profession is definitely unknown – marketing graphics, her work is unique. And literally. In the Czech Republic, there is probably the only one who proposes the form of gaming lots. How did Karolna Kkov get to such a job?

He has been working at Sazka for the eighth year. A netradin profesi nala pes insert. I sent a resume and they asked me to work out a job. Then nothing happened for a long time and finally they called me, where they took, first Karolna, how she became a graphic of lost tickets.

She studied high school textile, but did not study the field. Prior to that, she worked in a music publishing house and for a while helped the man-photographer with the production. She learned graphics at the study course she paid for. She wanted to give him what she would enjoy. And that came true.

The one with the dark chimney is lb

What the loser will look like is full of her imagination. At the arrest, I was inspired by foreign lottery tickets. You have to keep in mind that there is a loss that takes up 80% of the top side and some picture that has only a minimum of space, which is important. The best way for me was to lay out the form of a lottery ticket. Today, on the contrary, abroad, copy from me, a smiling young woman.

Each year, it processes about 30 proposals for new tickets, of which 12 and 15 years are implemented. So how does the lot arise? Karolna will usually get one to design a lot for a hundred crowns, for example. The scope of darkness, pictures, inscriptions, colors and fields dl.

After the approval round in the company, the proposals go to a public testing laboratory, which is an important part. The selected respondents are sent the proposals electronically, they will come in person. And choose which proposals they like best.

We watch them behind the glass as they react. If we were to test with the respondents, they would tell me more about it, Karolna notes, according to them, the test takes place about two times a year. The tst symbols occupy the most – tulle, horseshoe turned up, prstka, chimney, elephant with trunk up.

I had a chimney at the palm of my hand, perhaps a dozen times, in various ways. I still have to think about the fact that the pictures are not too much so that the children are not interested. It is subject to regulation, explains Karolna, who is trying to offer non-traditional motives. There is a magick lot on the market, it is black and there are only green svtc oi on it. T m, e se quite a while prodv.

Although the new generation, which grew up on the Internet, archetypes are very difficult for it. Obas to see if the symbol has been added, but under nothing. We tried for the young customers a lottery ticket, the game was, for example, a jump with a paddle, but it didn’t work very well. People without distinction just want pensions, add Karolna.

Most tickets are bought, which often decide first according to the design. But dear elk, who have high main games, lick and mue. Primrn for them, I designed the Rentir lot or you Krlovská vhra. women have the most favorite black pearl again, for the designer.

Elk flight to America

But back to work. After the test, the best proposal will be selected, the last rights will be made, Karolina’s colleagues approved the amount and the prize of the lottery ticket, ie the prize that will be won, and the long-term approval goes to the Ministry of Finance. That’s 30 days a week. When positive, fly to the printer electronically. To Spojench stt in Florida or to Great Britain.

The current printer does not currently have a printing machine or software that would allow you to print tickets. That’s why we print to the world’s manufacturers, who have the most modern equipment and place high demands on security. In fact, most European lotteries print in America, we are no exception, explains Karolna.

When the lottery tickets arrive from the printer, a sample of them must be retested. This time by a forensic expert. It will check if you have all the necessities and check if the sellers could not show it to you or mark it in any way. The expert will then issue an opinion and we will send the lottery tickets for sale. Mostly it’s a million or two million pieces, to the designer. The path of the lottery ticket from the first myth to the display at the store will take a while. Just recently, Karolna sent a lottery ticket to the Vnoce flight.

The stolen lot has not been stolen

When the tickets are sold out by the quarter or half a year, their issues are considered to be very slow. However, they remain on the market for a year or two. Mostly the salary that dra lotions are on the market according to, those for fifty or a hundred crowns disappear faster.

When the issue expires, automatically download any remaining pieces from the sale and then shred. Don’t be strangled, because they are not validated, even if they are a winner, they will not win. It pays, even if someone wants to baptize a newsagent’s. He just has to go through the sales terminal, Karolna explains.

When the issue of the ticket ends, the Ministry of Finance will come to check whether the games have been paid out. And if the game didn’t work out, Sazka had to prove that the lot was on sale, so it was made by the terminal and didn’t stay in stock. This would threaten companies to revoke their licenses.

Interest in lottery tickets is growing. Last year, meziron by 80%. It is the fastest growing portfolio of games worldwide. Now let’s prepare a new lottery and I think there will be a crack – take a lottery ticket. It will be called Seti and win, and when you sow the field, the woman on the motorcycle will be in a swimsuit, Karolna reveals.

I ask what I think about my job. Have fun calling. When I get the back, which looks like it can’t be fulfilled, even then I find one. I have fun, k. On the contrary, it’s a little difficult for her to ask the people which lot will win. And I will answer them: if I did, I would be in a very different place. ada people go buy tickets first here to nm to the building with the feeling that here we t vhe bl. And we employees have another opinion. Karolna Kkov laughs when it doesn’t work out here.

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