Anyone who has been working on a lower income tax and an adequate growth in real income in 2009 will be disappointed. With the advent of 2009 and the first payment of the new year, our wallets show only insignificant crowns, not more than in 2008. In the end, our exporters did not work on the promise of tax cuts.

While at the end of last year the tax reform was adopted for 2009 with a reduction in the personal income tax rate to 12.5 percent, the reality of 2009 is different from this. The rate is not reduced to 12.5 percent and for 2009 the personal income tax rate will remain at fifteen percent. Thus, we could assume that we will have the same value of gross salary and the same high certain wage. This will not be the case in practice, or cosmetic differences will arise due to changes in the area of ​​social and health insurance.

For employees, the payment of social security will fall from eight to 6.5 percent

Looking at the payroll, each employee is sure to pay social and health insurance (employment and payable by the employer). In 2008, the social security rate was eight percent, but has fallen to 6.5 percent since 2009. Thus, in addition to the gross wage of ten thousand crowns, the social security in 2008 was eight hundred crowns, and from the New Year it will be only 650 crowns. Undoubtedly, this is a dispute that will move in the breath of several hundred crowns for most employees. On the other hand, he had no days to dispute what.

Although a 15% tax rate has been introduced since 2008, the contractor varnished with the fees in that this rate was applicable to the so-called super-gross wage. Thus, there is nothing but gross wages paid for the employer’s contributions. The system of contributions is thus sickness insurance, which has fallen by one percentage point since 2009 from the original 3.3 percent to the current 2.3 percent. As a result, there is a reduction in the amount for the calculation of the deposit for income tax. However, this change will be more cosmetic for our wallets than in the mentioned paragraph concerning the decrease of social security employees.

Daov changes – the reason for the dance is definitely not. We’re going to tighten our belts

In the mentioned changes, they will lead to the number of wages (if it is needed from the same cash base as in 2008), but it is mainly the exchange level. On the one hand, Czech citizens have a crown, but when looking at the breeding of some providers of energy, heat, water, we must prepare for the worsening of life. Not to mention those who lose their jobs as a result of the financial crisis or will have to pay a salary.

The change did not affect the change, the sick and social courts did

While the impact of tax changes on our wallets is minimal, the system of sickness and social institutions will change with the advent of 2009. In particular, the sickness insurance system undergoes severe education. However, its changes do not have to affect the working population at all (unlike those tax, which we will pay immediately with the January payment).

The goal of health insurance reform is removed by simulating by a certain group of employees and introduced into the system according to service. Moms and those who want to work should make the most of the changes. Let’s take a look at the longest changes.

Since the New Year, money for maternity aid has increased in a fundamental way. Its number of honors is exchanged for income. In 2008, the maximum value of maternity allowance was 14,370 crowns, but for 2009 this share is shifting to 28,890 crowns. The changes will also affect those who stay at home with the child and claim the right to help with maternity.

The system of two hospitals is undergoing radical changes. New employees will not be sick and permanent incapacity for work from the fifteenth day. As for the first thirteen days of incapacity for work, there is an obligation to go to the employer who pays the salary. The payment of wages alone is not a double sickness insurance. For a wasteful employee, he or she has to pay his wages and, from the fourth day of incapacity for work (with the exception of quarantine, when he or she is paid from the first working day). For the less frequented sickness insurance funds (accounting and balancing contributions in pregnancy and maternity), the reform of the day did not bring about fundamental changes.

Ztrta zamstnn – vyplat se aktivita

With the start of 2009, certain changes will also occur at social doors. As many of us will be afraid of losing their jobs in 2009, we will focus on changes in the promotion of unemployment. With the advent of 2009, the duration of unemployment benefits is reduced (up to 50 years of age from six to five months, up to 55 years from nine to eight months, over 55 years from twelve to eleven months). On the other hand, it concentrates in support for the first months after the loss of employment (this should ensure the motivation of people with accelerated job search). The first two months and support 65 percent of the average net length (gave two months 50 percent and the remaining 45 percent). The ceiling for payment is set at 13,307 crowns.

How will the salary change in 2009
gross salary is mzda 2008 is mzda 2009 you and
8 000 7 000 7 128 128
10 000 8 750 8 910 160
12 000 10 140 10 347 207
15 000 12 150 12 420 270
18 000 14 175 14 478 303
20 000 15 520 15 870 350
25 000 18 875 19 320 445
30 000 22 245 22 770 525
35 000 25 600 26 220 620
40 000 28 970 29 670 700
45 000 32 325 33 120 795
50 000 35 695 36 570 875
60 000 42 420 43 470 1 050
70 000 49 145 50 370 1 225

Note: contacts are in korunch for msc, necessary for individuals without children

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