From real estate has been available to those who have taken part in the new building since the year. They stopped paying exempt for new houses and apartments. It was like this in most villages.

There are only three working days left for the real estate tax return. If you did not hand it over, you have the best time, the last date is on Monday the 1st hole.

If you have admitted your bag, apartment and land in the past and nothing has changed on them, you do not have to fill out the formula. All you have to do is ask for the tax elephant, which will come to my mailbox at the end of April and May. In each case, at least one of the following changes will be affected.

Change first: yes and for new buildings

Whoever shared a new apartment or house or built it had a big deal until last year – 15 years after the purchase or completed, he did not have to pay tax for it. He has been different since the year, he also gets the elephant from the financial series in the mailbox. From the family budget, I can cut a few thousand crowns.

It will be 1,980 crowns for a medium-sized building with a built-up area of ​​120 meters of square houses with a residential area and an attic on the outskirts of Hradec Krlov.

Zmna druh: zven sazeb na dvojnsobek

This right is due to the so-called Janot package – the government has, among other things, doubled most property tax rates. For family houses, flats and building plots, the rate increased from the crown per square meter to two, for cottages and chalets from three crowns to six.

If the village did not respond with its outburst, which most towns and villages did not do, the people will issue two more than last year. The owner of a 75-meter apartment in Opava paid you 630 crowns last year, this year it will be 1,260 crowns.

Change aunt: other coefficients in municipalities

Kon allows people to give tax, and thus their incomes are affected by protrusions. They can adjust the foundation coefficient according to the size of the municipality and introduce the local coefficient, which determines the foundation tax. At the end of last year, a number of municipalities used this option as a measure against government external rates.

For example, in Jihlava they canceled the city coefficient of 2, which could be doubled last year, and this year the people will pay the same as before – for 75 meters apartment 810 crowns. Somewhere, on the other hand, they added to the outside of the jet. For example, in Rychnov nad Knnou, they introduced a city coefficient of 2, and it also increased – for a 75-meter apartment, it rose from 225 crowns to 900 crowns.

Change of the quarter: new land prices

The prices of some types of land, such as a garden or a forest, are hidden as a percentage of the local price given for each cadastral country by a decree of the Ministry of Agriculture. 412/2008 Sb. Since January this year, prices in some municipalities have changed with the amendment. 427/2009 Sb. Don’t worry about it in the other gardens near the house, because they have a relatively small area. If you leave a bag, you have to be careful not to keep up with the year’s prices.

In Andlsk Hoe in Karlovy Vary, the price increased from 3.05 to 3.85 crowns per square meter, while in Kostelec u Zlna it fell from 6.82 to 5.06 crowns. The garden with an area of ​​1,000 meters spreads from 23 to 29 crowns in Andlsk Hoe, and from 51 to 38 crowns in Kostelec u Zlna.

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