Today, companies are literally rushing for quality employees. And while there are a lot of vacancies on the market, there is a great shortage of quality employees. How to know a good employer and not fly? And how to ensure a financially good offer? Practical advice is approached by human resources expert Kristna imonov.

Companies have changed their strategy and now they are actively addressing candidates who are employed and are not actively looking for it. You are also considering a change of employment, you may have received an interesting offer. Mon si kte: My family will have mp lp, we will buy a better car and go on a nice vacation.

The first financially interesting offer is usually one of the main reasons why a hunter decides to undergo a change of employment. But beware, the pension is definitely not always necessary for long-term satisfaction. What should you ask and how to look for questions, do you not decide to change employers?

1.When does the company work and how is it implemented?

Take an interest in what the company owes. For how clients work, what they create. It will be much more pleasant for everyone to work with products and services that you know are interesting to everyone, you have a positive relationship with them, or you see the meaning in selling or creating them.
Find out if the company is up and running. You will be satisfied and satisfied first and foremost in the company that is itself satisfied.

2.M company really good reputation?

Take a look at the company’s reputation in the market. Explore social or specialized web applications, where even former employees often contribute. Do you know anyone who works in a company? Ask him. In all likelihood, you will get a very credible reference.
Many companies are still unaware of this, but it is the first satisfied employee who represents the company and will be the best ambassador for it. Today, the company has a number of special committee programs, in which current employees recommend new suitable candidates. Then get a financial reward for this recommendation.

3.Put on intuition, how is the atmosphere there?

At work, we usually last at least the aunt of the day and it is important that we honor ourselves there satisfied. Therefore, choose a company where a pleasant atmosphere breathes at first sight.

Do you like seemingly small things like the style of clothing, the way the employees communicate with each other or the way they interviewed you? During the meeting, look around and take a detail. Is it just sympathetic? Will this style fit me? But don’t prejudge or worry. Do not be afraid of the size of the company, where the company is different, has different values ​​and there is a different atmosphere and corporate culture.

4.Will you work with km and who will be vf?

Relationships with colleagues and enthusiasts are a dream. It’s not at all about the fact that there must be a close friend who together have free time with beer.

It is a mutual respect and the feeling that you can rely on a colleague or enthusiast. If there are no good relationships at work, this also applies to relationships with customers and business partners. And especially it has a negative effect on the satisfaction, efficiency and work performance of individual employees.

Before changing jobs, don’t forget one important thing: know the current team. Know what to expect from whom, how to work with km and who has both strengths and weaknesses. When you decide to change jobs, stand at the starting point again in a building relationship with new colleagues.

5.At work, yes, but you also have a personal life

Sometimes financial offers are a specific time of day. But beware, companies usually logically ask for a high wage so hard.

You can thus get under extreme pressure with an often unmanageable wheel volume and beyond your competencies. You know what I have for all the real value of printing on your own dog in addition, or you have time for your family, your own ends and your health. Think about whether it will be in balance with personal life and you will not just be in a work bubble.

6.Is the bonus component set reln?

Your compensation should be set frov. Mean whether the high salary is playing for the offer, h Whether the company does not reveal a hidden problem that you do not see yet (not working processes, problems with the company’s management).

Also pay attention to the different bonuses and non-claim components of wages, whether they are achievable and set correctly. A transparent system of compensation and access is simple.

7.What do the benefits bring me?

Today, the employer offers a variety of benefits in the offer. Laptop, phone, meal vouchers, home office, you are the standard today. But beware, do not evaluate the offer benefit only in terms of the extent of their financial value. Think about what such a benefit can really convey to you. Is it a pleasant experience, relaxation, learning something new?

You at the agency are among the most popular benefits of meat in the company. For a symbolic price, employees can have a hardened massage during working hours. On the kite there is also the possibility to use the apartment in the mountains.

8.Does openness and listening work in companies?

A number of employers take all their employees only as employees. Find out if the company has openness and if they want to talk to you about your growth and what you are having fun with. Can I develop your interests and long-term goals? Support in which you would like to stick together? Support even in difficult life situations, such as shortened harness, flexible working hours or then home offic?

The You Time program has proved its worth, which supports our employees in their strengths or activists who have fun at work and in their free time. We organized the verniss of his photographers for your data analyst on the company’s premises. A colleague who loves yoga led a morning lesson with us and was passionate about training and gave employees.

9.What does a new company learn? How will I develop?

In the days of dynamic times, it is basically necessary to constantly give up and develop. Even if he is not looking for a big career, it is necessary to constantly learn new things for the qualification and to be used on the labor market in the future. The employer thus plays a key role in this. Ask how you can learn, for example, in language courses, vocational training, soft development and managerial skills.

Make sure that the company’s internal know-how and colleagues share their knowledge and skills. For a very long time, the so-called internal academy worked for them. Colleagues share and present interesting darkness, project experience, current market trends, innovative ideas. These meetings are open to all employees, regardless of expertise or experience.

10.How rst my career?

The possibility of a career promotion is offered in your advertisement by perhaps any company, but you can verify the reality. Many companies educate and move their employees for a long time. Want to know how specifically you can develop and career growth in the future.

Find out whether, when filling vacancies, the company will first join a number of its employees and then look for candidates from the outside. Professional shift does not always have to be only towards a managerial role, but also from one darkness to another. This is also ance for growth.

Adoporuen na zvr: Don’t make a change just for a change. At the same time, you invite all your sequences and priorities. Think about what is really important for everyone and what is really important for you in the field of career. Is leaving the only choice?

If everyone in your current job suffers, try to open it first with an enthusiastic or personal team. A good employer has loyalty prices and wants to hit his employees. The result will either be a pleasant surprise, or at least you will leave with a good feeling that you have approached the situation.

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