esko zav boom in the construction of apartment buildings in mountain locations. Developers are attracting the possibility of a suitable investment to the visitor, an apartment in the Giant Mountains can be paid to its owner for 150 thousand crowns.

At least this comes from the Golding Travel agency, which will help you look for holidaymakers, for example, for the Apartmany ertovka project in the Krkonoše center of Harrachov. Is a flat on a gold mine for investors, or mainly for developers?

Cottage in nefr
Spend a few years weekend after weekend on the construction of a house in the countryside, which after completion will theoretically serve as an oasis of calm far from the hustle and bustle of the city (in fact, as a regular lesson from working on gossip of a residential building and sawdust).

“In addition to the mortgage that the hunter fulfills his home” in his own right, go for one, buy an apartment for it in an apartment building in one of the mountain resorts and go swimming here in the winter and leave it alone outside these branches. However, investing in this way is also a wasted pension if the hunter does not stay in his mountain apartment full of winter.

If you are considering buying an apartment in the mountains for your own use, consider how much time you will spend there, how much will be bought and the total price of the apartment will be enough, and you will find out that one day it will cost the same pension as a hostel in a luxury hotel. In the end, it will always be possible for me to drive to the mountains and back home every day on the weekend, from Prague to the Giant Mountains it is a little over an hour’s drive.

A relatively common possibility to make a fallow property for a million generators of pensions is his rent. “I estimate that about one aunt of buyers will offer the property for an intensive lease at a time when she is not raising it herself, confirms Jaroslav Vondika, director of the development company V INVEST CZ.

Quick money? You forget
But don’t expect eyesight. When renting an apartment in an attractive mountain environment, its owner will take a break, but he certainly cannot expect it to become a multimillion. And not at all the fact that in a moment he will have in his retirement income if he has invested in the construction of an apartment in the mountains.

According to the Golding Travel agency, such an apartment in the mountains will be a meaningful investment, but it will definitely not become a means to get rich quick. For example, Apartmany ertovka with a price of around 42,00048,000 K / m2 guarantee a return of around ten twelve years. The best apartments are 2 + kk or 2 + 1. The area of ​​these apartments is between 50 and 60 m².

“Anyone who has decided for this way of evaluating the apartment is satisfied. Anyone who thinks that the cost of building an apartment and getting drilled in two or two years will be disappointed, warns Martina Garov, CEO of Golding Travel. According to Golding Travel, the apartments are purchased as an investment ron taken out of 50 and 70 percent. The average profitability varies between 90 and 150 thousand crowns, depending on the type and size of the apartment.

“That’s more than a 100% occupancy rate, a flat and price-comparable apartment in Prague can be used for a flat and price-oriented one, thanks to the purchase price and the price in the metropolis, says Golding Travel. According to a year-long survey by Arllen Development, however, the prices of second homes in the mountains are not even higher than the standard prices.

In both cases, the bag on the deposits is negatively affected by the increasing year for mortgages, however the so-called type of housing is usually bought by the people without the use of heat. And the profitability of investing in a second home in the mountains significantly affects what the hunter does not affect in any way over time. The warm winters of recent years have managed to bring many entrepreneurs in the mountains a large number of known deep peaks.

Stea nronj clientele
By the advantage of short-term rent of the apartment, the owner can use his unit for commercial use only at a time when it may not be available. If the bag is bought by the apartment mainly in order to earn it for rent, it is good to consult in advance with the agency, which will look for holidaymakers for them, real mountain housing.

It is important to choose the appropriate equipment, not excluding painting. “The clientele is year after year and it is important to take from the owner of the apartment, which we know will be very interesting and the guest will want to enter it in the future, explains Martina Garov from Golding Travel. The most frequent clients of Czech property owners in mountain holiday resorts are guests from Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Denmark, Russia and so on.

The Krkonoše lead
The most popular are the Krkonoše Mountains, where prices are so most impressed, the umava is also popular, but it still lags behind in civic amenities. Follow the Beskydy, Jizera and Krun mountains. The Jesenky and Orlick mountains are still waiting for their time.

In addition to Czech investors, the Krkonoše Mountains also liked the Polish Middle East, which bought an apartment in the Czech mountains as a good investment. “I can confirm the number of Polish clients about our apartments, to Jaroslav Vondika, Director of V INVEST CZ. “Although most Polk go to the mountains mainly in winter, let’s answer a series of questions about summer activities. Half customers are also inquiring about the purchase for a further lease. The growing interest in the Giant Mountains among Polish citizens thus confirms the fact that many of them are willing to travel more than 450 kilometers for skiing.

Beyond the esk basin
The question is whether it is the most reasonable investment in real estate to buy a pedestrian apartment in the Giant Mountains when your cottage in the Tatras is cheaper, and in addition there are slopes, better cable cars and part of the winter. In Nzkch and Vysoke Tatrch or in Mal i Velk Fate, the price of a two-room apartment is around one and one and a half million Slovak crowns, ie for about half and a third of the price at which apartments are sold in the domestic mountains.

The first Slovak Tatras are therefore an investor hit in recent years, similar to Bulgaria, where a person interested in living in the mountains is not only lower prices for buying real estate, but also lower food prices and lower skiing costs due to significantly better snow conditions in Harrachov. lyovn o tiscovku dr.

Questions of the future
Although living on the cheaper is often cheaper, in the Czech mountains the apartment houses are growing, like mushrooms for children and there is no need for the tenants. The question is how long to drive the boom of these “holiday krrkren otdr. In the Alps near the apartments in similar residential complexes, the most intimate inhabitants of the city drive to the Alps for the traditionally authentic atmosphere of the countryside, large concrete buildings were grown and the apartments in them were probably for sale.

Today’s visitors to the winter Alps require more space for at least two rooms of at least 40 square meters. Demand for studios and 2 + kk has dropped sharply in the French mountains, clients are mainly looking for apartments or traditional cottages.

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