Some companies have to hire new employees only to replace the number of outgoing employees. The fluctuation, especially in some fields, is huge and worth a lot of money. People leave for better jobs, wages and corporate culture.

The average fluctuation of all republicans is now in the range of 14a
16%. However, a healthy fluctuation in the company was considered to be between 5 and 7%. I am not surprised that the fluctuation is high. We have the lowest unemployment in Europe, companies literally adon after new employees, also to change jobs is a completely regular time. Today, everyone can choose in a large way on the labor market, to the director of Manpower Group Jaroslava Rezlerov.

Bn we can meet companies that meet fluctuations and 100% ron. So the team completely changes. It goes first of all to the center, a big problem for employees to own production companies.

High turnover limits the functioning of the company and its development, which means a loss of know-how, low motivation of employees and high costs for the recruitment and training of new employees, Director Rezlerov.

He estimates that the cost of training a new colleague will range from 20 thousand crowns in. They can exceed hundreds of thousands of bags, depending on their qualifications and convenience. A large manufacturing company with thousands of employees and a year fluctuation of 30% has the cost of fluctuations around a million and more. If the fluctuation drops to 20%, uet tm 400 thousand msn, Rezlerov warns.

Fluctuation is generally understood as a negative factor, but according to expert experts, it is without which the company stagnates over time. Slight fluctuations pin new people with new ideas, developing baldness to progress.

The people in their positions do not change

The highest fluctuations are in job positions, on the placench, in high-ranking positions or in positions where mainly young people with a short practice dominate. Most often now work for me:

  • Dlnci / opertoi vroby
  • Opertoi logistiky / skladnci / idii
  • Kuchai, nci
  • Sellers
  • Technicians, mechanics, qualified machine operators
  • Programtoi / IT specialist

Vk is a key factor in fluctuations, as a recent ManpowerGroup survey has shown. People under 30 have more than a few fluctuations than people over 40. People over 50 have a minimum fluctuation. This is clearly related to the motivation of Generation Y to lose experience, to develop, the need for change and the absence of a bond. On the contrary, people over the age of 50 prefer work stability, explains Rezlerov.

It’s all about pension, but it’s not in

The highest period is during the probationary period and then within one year, when 65% of employees leave. Deciding how the company manages the adaptation of the new ones will be decisive. It is the first set of work in the trial period and after them, motivation and communication.

And what motivates people to change jobs? In the first place are finances. But it’s not the only thing. Before changing jobs, the employee assesses several main criteria and other positives often fixed wages in another company.

For positions in production and manual professions, the distance to employment, the difficulty of work and the working environment are important. Office positions are dominated by the demand for personal development, experienced experience, good team and flexibility time, to Rezlers and add that companies’ reserves are definitely not in the efficiency of the committee, but first in the ability to hit existing employees and offer them an environment in which they will maximize satisfied.

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